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Aacharya Anita
12/09/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good. Act against corruption today. International Anti-Corruption Day
Aacharya Anita
yesterday at 06:15. Facebook
Everyone has a special talent, which when shared results in ecstasy and exultation of our spirit.
Aacharya Anita
12/07/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
Aviation is proof that given the will we have the capacity to achieve the impossible. International Civil Aviation Day
Aacharya Anita
12/06/2016 at 11:09. Facebook
The spiritual speaker #AacharyaAnita teaches the most important subject "Happiness" to the students of DPS Faridabad
Aacharya Anita
12/06/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
You cannot build anything on the foundation of caste. You cannot build up a nation. You cannot build up morality. Mahaparinirwan Diwas
Aacharya Anita
12/05/2016 at 06:15. Facebook
Let go of things and let the universe decide what you should have! Anything you want can be acquired through detachment. #SpiritualLaws
Aacharya Anita
12/04/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
A nation’s culture and pride resides in the heart and the soul of its people. Indian Navy Day
Aacharya Anita
12/03/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. International Day of Disabled
Aacharya Anita
12/02/2016 at 05:30. Facebook
You have the power to create a better future. Treat children well. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
Take the lead and pledge your support for World Aids Day, December 1st. Stand up and make a difference
Watch how #AacharyaAnita spreads the message on life counseling to her followers for a peaceful life.
Tantric Yoga allows individuals to use multiple disciplines to derive an understanding of the universe and the meanings for spiritual existence. #YogaIsDivine
Stars can’t shine without darkness; similarly one can’t reach great heights without a few hurdles. Always view failures as a stepping stone to success. ‘Share’ with your loved ones!
The Om Kriya is an important component in one’s life. Watch how #AacharyaAnita explains it:
Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do. National Law Day
There is always an infinite amount of energy and information present in the universe to create whatever you desire. #SpiritualLaws
May God bless you with peace, love abundance and prosperity this Thanksgiving Day and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving
Focus on the good things in life and let the negativity fade away. ‘Share’ with the one you care. #Spiritual #Thought.
Accept people, situations and events as they occur. The more you practice acceptance, the more you’ll be at peace. #SpiritualLaws
Television thrives on unreason and unreason thrives on television. It strikes at the emotions rather than the intellect. World Television Day