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21,000 homeless people won't have to sleep on footpath anymore, Delhi government provided 261 shelters
दिल्ली सरकार आम आदमी की सरकार।
जो कहा सो किया।
Rally in Meerut exposing 8 lakh crore #Demonetization Scam
And he's trying to tell the country that he wants to curb black money!
What plans do you have for your black money, Modi ji. We refer to the illegal "donations" and Bribes taken from Corporates (case in point - Birla and Sahara)

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जरूर पढ़े और शेयर करे:

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Not just Bihar, BJP bought land in Kota for Rs 2 crore just before the note ban

Not just Bihar, BJP bought land in Kota for Rs 2 crore just before the note ban

Arvind Kejriwal's proposal to Narendra Modi

आज प्रधानमंत्री जी ने ऐलान किया है कि उनके सारे सांसद और विधायक को 8 नवम्बर से 31 दिसम्बर तक की बैंक अकाउंट की डिटेल अमित शाह जी को देनी है, फिर अमित शाह जी उनके बैंक एकाउंट्स देखकर यह ते करेगे की उनमे कालाधन है की नहीं है, सब लोग कह रहे है इससे बड़ा मजाक नहीं हो सकता, रोज एक नए किस्म का मजाक करते है क्योकि सबको पता है कि भाजपा के लोगो को 8 नवम्बर...
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Arvind Kejriwal proposal to PM Modi

Arvind Kejriwal proposal to PM Modi

Police seized a sum of Rs. 20.55 lakh, including 926 currency notes of Rs. 2,000 denomination, from a BJP functionary during a vehicle-check on Kumarasamipatti main road here late on Saturday evening.

Over Rs. 20 lakh seized from BJP functionary

Add to this 97%, the percentage-point drop in GDP growth ( some agencies pegging it at approximately 2% drop).

Professor Arun Kumar gives a facinating interview on demonetization and 'black money'.

Now if the central government is going to disregard opinions of such illustrious figures as Dr Amartya Sen,Dr Larry Summer,Prof.Arun Kumar etc.,then the nation would really want to know what...
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Demonetization will adversely impact 97 percent Indians: Prof Arun Kumar

New low for the country?

It may be a surprise to Modi ji, but it's time he realizes that front page ads worth 1000s of crores, more than 50 foreign trips, speeches full of fake statistics and theatrics together, won't take India anywhere (though it does help his Corporate masters earn billions and in turn fund his election campaigns).

Demonetisation has turned India into world’s fastest slowing economy

कांद्या पाठोपाठ टमाटे देखील मातीमोल, किलोमागे केवळ एक ते दीड रुपये दर.

टोमॅटो मातीमोल, किलोला एक ते दीड रुपये भाव

We Salute the Heroes of our country who had Laid down their lives in the service of our Nation in 26/11...
अपने और अपनी पार्टी के अच्छे दिन तो मोदी जी 8 नवंबर की नोटबंदी घोषणा से पहले ही ले आए थे।

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नोटबंदी पर गीत। ज़रूर ज़रूर सुने। बहुत मज़ेदार है। सुपर है। ख़ूब शेयर करें।

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