AAP ki Delhi
03/18/2017 at 06:51. Facebook
AAP takes U-turn on security, govt vehicles... #AAPkeUturns
This is what Delhi will do to #Kejriwal in the MCD elections
AAP Punjab Manifesto vs AAP Delhi Reality!
AAP Goa Candidate #AAPkiHypocrisy

- Enjoys in Goa Casino in March
- Protests against the Goa Casinos in November
So Ministers,before getting their Son/Daughter married, should take HONESTY CERTIFICATE from Delhi CM Kejriwal...

What a shameless nautankibaaz Kejriwal is!
Any comments?
Arvind Kejriwal, India's most disastrous CM. This is just a glimpse..
Just for cheap political publicity and vote bank and rattled due to step taken by Modi govt against black money, Kejriwal is insulting Hindu's beliefs.
You can join the march on 22nd Novemeber against Kejriwal's support to Black Money and Terrorism! #YouthAgainstKejriwal
Share and spread the movement against black money and corruption. #IndiaFightsCorruption
PM Modi hailed ahead of Arvind Kejriwal's public meeting in Azadpur Mandi
Why is Kejriwal nervous and opposing #Demonetisation move?
Did you get what Arvind Kejriwal promised?
अगर NDTV अपनी TRP के लिए देश की सुरक्षा दाव पर लगा देती है तो क्यूँ नहीं सरकार प्रजा और देश की रक्षा के लिए NDTV को प्रतिबंधित करना चाहिए ?
How AAP has appointed journalists as member of Governing bodies of Delhi University colleges and they in return are targeting Modi Govt. #TargetModiSarkaar4Favours
Delhi Police Commissioner request to Arvind Kejriwal to share details of phone trappings..
Any comments on the tears of Kejriwal?
Resurfacing of roads is a simple repair & maintenance activity but Arvind Kejriwal govt takes out half page ads in papers about it.

Wasting tax payers money on cheap publicity instead of focusing on governance!
"A bully blames others for problems." - Supreme Court of India to AAP warning Kejriwal govt. of Bird Flu due to Garbage Dumping in Delhi.