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To tonsillectomy or not to tonsillectomy, that is the question! Although tonsillectomies are not readily recommended by physicians, two recent studies delve into the effects of tonsillectomies in children with recurrent throat infections, obstructive sleep-disordered breathing versus watchful waiting and supportive care.

When Tonsillectomies Are Appropriate for Patients

Those of us in practice who follow children with cleft palates know how important it is to coordinate all aspects with appropriate craniofacial specialists in the diagnosis and repair of these facial abnormalities. But did you ever think about...

Does the Side of the Cleft Influence a Child’s Academic Success?

For those less familiar, Best Fed Beginnings was a national initiative sponsored by the NICHQ (National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality) in collaboration with the CDC...

Quality Improvement and “Baby-Friendly” Designation – a bit of background

Dr. Lewis First is back with another look at an early release study on major depression during childhood. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #childhooddepression #pediatrics v

Instagram video by @aap_pediatrics • Jan 9, 2017 at 3:47pm UTC

We have taken an interest over the past few years in our journal in sharing with you studies and special articles that promote value in the care we deliver through improvements in quality and reductions in cost...

Pediatric Overuse of Tests and Treatments

"There have been a few studies suggesting an association between maternal obesity and a child’s neurodevelopment but none that have looked at both maternal and paternal obesity and whether their influence on childhood...."

Parental Obesity: Does It Influence a Child’s Development?

"We should all be aware of the AAP’s policy not recommending the use of dietary supplements like creatine and testosterone boosters but despite what we know, retail stores..."

Teen Access to Dietary Supplements by Retailers

"As pediatricians, we must not let emotions get the better of us and paralyze us with anger and apathy about our ability to make a difference given the paucity of discussion during the presidential campaign..."

AAP Leadership Offers Some Thoughts to Our New President and to Pediatricians across the Country and

Dr. Lewis First looks at the study "Parental Obesity and Early Child Development."

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In this new commentary Dr. Lewis First, along with the editorial team, take a look at 2016 and look ahead at our hopes for 2017. Happy New Year from Pediatrics

A New Year Means New Changes to Our Journal

"So how often does a crib ad not meet sleep safe guidelines—and after four sets of guidelines over the past 24 years leading to this newest set, are the..."

Advertising of Crib Displays: Are They Paying Attention to the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines

"What I find fascinating and not completely explained is the state to state variation that is noted. For example, the neighboring states of Kentucky and West Virginia have the largest decrease (-7 percentage points in Kentucky) and the largest increase (+ 2 percentage points in West Virgina) in WFL among enrolled infants from 2010-2014..."

Changes in Weight for Length among WIC-enrolled Infants

AAP President Dr. Benard Dreyer shares some thoughts on what our next P.O.T.U.S. can do to help kids in the United States and around the world.

How the Next President Can Build a Foundation for a Healthy Future: Improving Children’s Lives

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"Sadly the prevalence of psychological abuse as children in this cohort was as high as 10% with other types of abuse being present but less prevalent."

Economic Outcomes Achieved in Adulthood by Those Abused or Neglected as Children

The use of a sugar solution to reduce pain and discomfort when doing procedures on neonates is not a new concept. In fact studies have...

How Much Evidence Do You Need to Use Sugar Solutions to Decrease Procedural Pain in Neonates?

Among the reasons to keep youths from starting to smoke: Each year, only about 4% of 12- to 19-year-old smokers will successfully...

Perfect storm can spur nicotine addiction in youths

Check out our newest video on Instagram where our E.I.C Dr. Lewis First shares some thoughts on our latest safe sleep articles releasing this week in Pediatrics.

Dr. Lewis First provides a First Look at "Safe Sleep Guideline Adherence in Nationwide

Editorial board member Dr. Lydia Furman takes a look at home visit programs and their effectiveness. Also check out our recent article by our Physician Trainee group in September. Should young physicians be training in home visits?

Home Visiting: Strategies and Outcomes