Aaron Colton
03/24/2017 at 03:33. Facebook
Can anyone guess what direction these are going? Dropped of the wheels and sub frames to get dipped and powder coated to match the fleet!
Aaron Colton
yesterday at 21:47. Facebook
Stock fornever.

Garage 93 - Street Triple R - Photo: Dustin Hedsand
Aaron Colton
yesterday at 17:14. Facebook
Spinnin' wrenches till she's naked...

Garage93 - Project StreetTriple R - Photo: Dustin Hedsand
Aaron Colton
03/21/2017 at 21:07. Facebook
Touched for the very first time...

Street Triple Build #1 - Garage 93
Aaron Colton
03/21/2017 at 15:33. Facebook
Hoo, Like a Virgin...

Street Triple Build #1 - Garage 93
Aaron Colton
03/21/2017 at 01:39. Facebook
The first 675 has landed in Garage 93! After falling in love with the three cylinder platform, I wanted to experiment even further. I will be designing three different build styles off of this #675 engine platform with some great partners backing the development. So pumped to twist some fresh throttle! Stay tuned for the build updates.
The backdrop at WRC Mexico City made the place feel like a movie.

World Rally Championship - Mexico City, Mexico
Hola amigos!

World Rally Championship - Guanajuato City, Mexico
Wheelies at WRC #RallyMexico brappppp!
World Rallycross Mexico has blown my mind every single stage. All done riding for the day and grabbing a seat to watch the action!
A full wild house here at Rally Mexico WRC
After my bike was held up in customs the Red Bull Mexico team and I had two choices. Cancel the demos at World Rally Cross Mexico or find a plan B. With a few hours to pack I was able to gather as many parts and tools as I could for an FZ07 freestyle build in Mexico City! Everything came together and it is time to rip!
Just made it to Mexico City for he first time to ride at #WRC This place is rad.
This thing is sick. Big Brakes, Drivetrain and Tuner up next for Killmore's Husky701 Supermoto conversion.
Yesterdays project was rad. Chris Kilmore and I are just getting started on his Husky 701 build in Garage 93. This thing is going to be one sick supermoto.
Stoke level 10 for Chris Kilmore. Carbon Alpina Supermoto wheels and SC-Project exhaust have the Husky 701 ready to rip.
Just a few stops short of everywhere... man.
That attention to detail...