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Aaron Colton
yesterday at 20:21. Facebook
Project 2 Stroke coming in hot from Garage 93. Step inside the build video on the road to Red Bull Day in the Dirt this year!

Building an '06 YZ125 Into an Immaculate Race Bike

Aaron Colton
12/05/2016 at 18:38. Facebook
Wild nights for a good cause! It was absolutely amazing to see the support that The Ocean Gala brought together once again this year.
Aaron Colton
12/03/2016 at 00:43. Facebook
One lap in... The mud was already the real deal.

Red Bull Day in the Dirt - Project 2 Stroke

PC: Transworld Motocross - Mike Emery
A day in the Mud.
Heading out to the Moto a Go-Go team race with Chris Chris Fillmore! Things got pretty western in the rain.

A Day in the Mud - Photo: Sam Schneider
The Project 2 Stroke is ready to rock and roll! Made it to Day in the Dirt on time and in style!

Garage 93 DiY - Red Bull Day in the Dirt 19
It wouldn't be a Project 2 Stroke without a fresh Wiseco top end!
Leaving Malcolm Smith Motorsports with a box full of two stroke reviving goodies!!!

Garage 93 DiY - Project 2 Stroke
Tweaked out pretty hard in this one.

Garage 93 DiY - Project 2 Stroke
When you have had your hands on every intricate detail of a motorcycle build the confidence to shred becomes second nature. The 93 Octane is one wild ride...

Victory Motorcycles - Octane
You can thank me later for this one... Moto boot life hack. A little simple green and a drill brush brought these Tech 10's to fresh level 100!
We building a fire breather...

Project 2 Stroke - Garage 93 DiY
A huge thank you to MSR Hard Parts and Motion Pro for making my Saturday workflow a breeze.

Project 2 Stroke - A Day in the Dirt 19
Wrenches where flying today working on Project 2 Stroke in Garage 93.
This little ripper will be race ready by A Day in the Dirt 19! I've wanted a #Project2Stroke since 5th grade and the time is now! The Garage 93 DiY updates will be coming in hot along the way.
My prediction was on point. Maverick absolutely crushed the field in Test #1. #MotoGP season is already shaping up to be a good one.
Woolie's Workshop new tire machine is helping ease the pain of my tire addiction.

Bridgestone RS10 200/17 - RSD Delmar 17x6.0 - EBC VRotor 280mm