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An #ABAmoment is transforming every moment into an opportunity. An opportunity to learn.
Whether you have some free time in the morning, 10 minutes on your commute to work or half an hour at night: find your #ABAmoment and learn English.
Tell us: when is YOUR #ABAmoment? Share with us below!
ABA English
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It's Friday everybody! We bet that you are all very happy about that!

Today we would like to celebrate Friday by sharing a podcast about English expressions with you all!

With this podcast you will learn some useful and common expressions that you can incorporate into your own English.


Ep. 12 English Expressions | ABA on Air

ABA English
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Hi! How are you all doing?

When we learn a language, there are many challenges that can present themselves that need to be overcome. For this reason, today's blog post is going to explain some of the challenges to you as well as indicating what you should do to try to overcome them.

Challenges in language learning | ABA Journal

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Renting a car: live class with Teacher Robin!
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What's up everybody?! It's #QUIZTIME !!!

Denise ______ her friend a secret

A) Said
B) Mentioned
C) Told

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When is YOUR #ABAmoment? Share with us below! :)
Happy Saturday everyone!

We hope you're having a great weekend so far!

Today's post is about expressions of frequency in English and what words and sentences we use to express frequent or infrequent actions.

Tell us in the comments if you know any more ways to express frequency in English.

Expressions of frequency in English | ABA Journal

Hey everyone!

Today we have a little piece of advice to help you improve your English and find your #ABAmoment.

Send us a picture of your #ABAmoment in the comments section and tell us about it!
Crunching the numbers: live class with Teacher Robin!
Reasons to learn English? Let's talk about them.

For work, that's a good reason.
To travel wherever you want, that's a good reason.
Love, that's always a good reason.
For pleasure, to travel, just because...

What's YOUR reason to learn English?

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Hey guys!

It's Wednesday so you're already half way through the week! We can't believe how fast it's flying!

What's the most important thing to know about the TOEFL?

If you're unsure then take a look at our Magoosh's blog post here which explains to you what the most important things to know are.

The most important TOEFL information | ABA Journal

Happy Monday everyone!

Are you studying the TOEFL this year?

Obviously when studying you want to be sure that all of your information sources are trusted and make sure that the information you're getting is correct which is why we have today's blog post for you.

It will explain which sources are the worst and should be avoided to make sure your studying goes very well :-)

Worst sources for TOEFL vocabulary | ABA Journal

We’ll help you make the most of every moment.

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Hey everyone!

Let's start 2017 with a blog post which explains how we can avoid those awkward moments when we meet new people for the first time.

We recommend you all have a read of it. If you had any awkward situations before, we would love you to tell us about them in the comments.

How to avoid awkward situations | ABA Journal

We believe we should fill our days with activities and people that bring us joy, that help us on our journey to personal growth. That make us happy. So how can we fit in time to learn new skills? How can we improve our career chances?

How do you find your #ABAmoment and get the most out of each day?

3 creative ways to find time in a busy day | ABA Journal

Hey everyone! Get ready for #QUIZTIME!!!

Jamie said that it _________ his friend two days to drive from Manchester to Madrid

A) Had taken
B) Taked
C) Would took

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It's the 5th day of 2017 already!

Have you thought about making this year a special one and going the extra mile?

What do you plan to do? Tell us in the comments section below! :-)
Today we have a little motivational tip: take small, constant steps when it comes to learning a language.

In fact, our Chief Learning Officer Maria says: "It is demonstrated that it is easier to assimilate a language in small, regular doses, that in intense, sporadic sessions”. So our suggestion is to find your #ABAmoment every day and spend that time investing yourself. Give yourself the...
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It's time for your #ABAmoment with Teacher Robin. Let's learn about shopping for clothes!
Hi everyone! Ready to participate in more live classes with Teacher Robin?

Here's the calendar for January. Make sure you don't miss any! Find your #ABAmoment and practice your English with us.

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See you soon!