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Hey everyone!

It's Monday again but we must stay positive and continue learning English because it's great fun!

Today's post is about the future perfect tense in English and can be rather difficult.

Have a read of our post to make sure you know how to use it correctly :-)

Future Perfect - Advanced | ABA Journal

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Do you know how to use comparative adjective in English?

Today's your lucky day because we are going to teach you how to use them correctly! Read our post to find out how :-)

The comparative of equality in English | ABA Journal

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It's #QUIZTIME again!

I wanted to stay in on Saturday night but my friends twisted my ______ and I ended up going to the cinema with them.

A) leg
B) arm
C) ankle

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Hey everybody!

It's Friday and we thought it would be a great idea to share one of our podcasts with you do that you can start your weekend by improving your English!

Today's podcast focuses on adverbs of frequency and how to use them in English. Try to write some example sentences in the comments section :-)

Ep. 15 Adverbs Of Frequency | ABA on Air

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Teacher Robin is live! Let's learn about cooking vocabulary :)
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What's up ABA family?

Do you ever think it would be good to learn a new language but are unsure why to do it?

Fear no more as our post today will teach and convince you why you have to do it.

What are you waiting for?

5 Reasons to learn a new language | ABA Journal

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English grammar is everyone's favourite, isn't it?

Well, if it's not, it's a good job we have today's post to make sure that everything is easier for everyone to understand. Today's post looks at gerunds after verbs and prepositions in English.

Can you write example sentences in the comments section :-)

Gerunds after verb & preposition | ABA Journal

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How to Pronounce the Word WORCESTERSHIRE

Practice your pronunciation with our Jawbreakers series. Every week we will teach you a new word, how to pronounce it and how to use it in a sentence.

If you'd like to see more videos, head on over to our Youtube channel: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy Monday everybody!

Are you excited to start another week of learning with us?

Today's blog post will give you some great new vocabulary and focuses on how to say "a little" in different ways :-)

Do you know other ways to say it?

[ Abaenglish.com Link ]

3 interesting ways to say "a little" | ABA Journal

What's up ABA friends?

We hope you are all having a great weekend!

Today's post is going to teach you about comparative adjectives in English and how to use them. Give it a read and start comparing things in English today! :-)

Comparative adjectives in English | ABA Journal

It's #QUIZTIME again!!

When compared _____ night, day is very bright.

A) To
B) At
C) On

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Happy Friday everyone!

It's time to improve our English to start the weekend well!

Have a listen to our podcast on how to use the verb "to get" in English :-)

Ep. 14 How to use the verb "to get" | ABA on Air

Hey everyone!

Do you sometimes think of different ways that you can improve your TOEFL reading score?

Fear no more as today we are sharing this post from our friends over at Magoosh which will give you all the tips you need to help you improve your reading score

4 Tips for Improving Your TOEFL Reading Score | ABA Journal

English tenses: live class with Teacher Robin!
Hey everyone!

Today it's time to learn how to pronounce "schedule". Watch the video and practise saying it until you get it perfect!

What other words do you find difficult to pronounce?
What's up English learners!

So, we know that in order to talk about quantity in English in the present tense, we use "there is" and "there are" but do you know how to say it in the past tense?

We use "there was" and "there were". Today's blog post is going to teach you how to use them accurately in the past simple :-)

There is/are in past simple | ABA Journal

Have you ever been on holiday in the UK or USA and had problems in restaurants understanding the menu or placing your order?

If your answer to the above question was "yes", then you need to read today's blog post about eating out in English.

It will teach you a great deal of useful vocabulary and phrases you'll need.

Eating out in English | ABA Journal

There was ______ good on TV last night. All the programs were boring.

A) nothing
B) anything
C) everything

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All about love: live class with Teacher Robin!
What's new everybody?

Today we have some great tips for you all so that you can really improve your listening skills in English.

Check out the post written and see if you practise any of these techniques to improve your listening? If not, we recommend you start practising them :-)

5 tips for listening practice | ABA Journal