Another great update! ❤

Jade (adopted spring 2014) almost 17 years old and her little brother.
We love sharing updates on our previous Angels! ❤

Teddy, adopted from Abandoned Angels over 12 years ago. Thank u! He's an amazing dog!
Such a beautiful girl! Sophie (f/k/a Mirabella) is doing great in her adoptive home with her mom, and former Angels, Mhysa and Geno! ❤
Sweet Angel Daisy Mae (adopted 2015) has crossed the Rainbow Bridge she brought so much joy to her loved ones with all her funny faces. She will surely be missed

In less than 3 hours CAMBRIE will be going LIVE! Please stay tuned and don't forget to get those donations in!

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Imagine walking around with a tumor the size of an ORANGE. Now imagine that you find yourself homeless walking the cold scary streets of NYC, without a home to call your own, or a person to give you belly rubs. That has been the unfortunate reality of poor Cambrie, a 4 year old female Cockapoo who recently came into...
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Introducing Cambrie (fondly known as "Brie"), a 4 year old female Cockapoo who recently came into the NYACC as a stray. Brie is a shy and timid girl with no aggression who will make an excellent family pet. She seems fine with other dogs. Sadly, Brie has come in with a large mammary tumor on her belly (roughly the size of an orange) and will need immediate...
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SIMON (Available for Adoption) posing for a quick photo on his walk in the park!
Zac enjoying his new life in his forever home!
Some wonderful news to share! Our sweet senior girl PRETTY was ADOPTED today by a very special, loving family who were looking to adopt a senior dog with special needs. Pretty is partially blind from glaucoma and has dry eye as well as an enlarged heart. She requires daily medications to keep her conditions stable. We couldn't be more happier for Pretty and are very grateful to her new family...
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Wonderful News, Zachary was adopted today! We wish Zac and his wonderful new family a lifetime of happiness! ❤
We love sharing photos of Cocker Spaniels whether they were adopted from us, or those of a fan, so please feel free to share with us.

Meet ARCHER, this handsome boy is his mom's pride and joy!
Sweet young Max enjoying a nap on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Young Max was rescued from a shelter yesterday. He is enjoying a weekend sleepover before travelling to his forever home on Monday.❤
Sophie (Mirabella) gets her first haircut by her daddy! ❤
Great job! She is such a beautiful girl!
Senior Max (available for adoption) loves sleeping with his giant stuffed penguin! ❤
Sweet dreams everyone!
❤ Sophie & Mhysa ❤
EDDIE UPDATE 1/12: Eddie was released from the hospital today. He is doing well, and happy to be back at his foster home recuperating from ear ablation surgery. However, in a month, he will have to undergo surgery on his other ear. The good news is that once Eddie is completely recovered, he has a FOREVER home with wonderful parents waiting for him! ❤

Our heartfelt THANKS to Eddie's future...
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Joey Girl to the rescue!

My service dog Joey Girl this morning saved a life! Magda, one of our rescue's caretakers, was drinking coffee in my backyard when Joey ran over and started to bark at her frantically. She began to run in circles, pulling on Magda's pant leg, and even ripped her slipper. Joey is a calm service dog, who does not usually behave this way. As Magda moved away from the...
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Our volunteer Ellen is a true HERO!

Please click on the link below to see how she saved five puppies lives. Thank you Ellen, we ❤ you!

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Puppies found stuffed in pillowcase on road