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The Devil's Pulpit of Finnich Glen.

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Got a wee bit wet getting to this point, but it was worth it to be able to wander round the place where the Devil was meant to have appeared to ancient druids.
Went out yesterday to get a wee bit more footage from the Devil's Pulpit and took this 360 degree photo whilst I was there. The water was a lot lower than on my last visit but I still ended up getting wet!

Last post of the year with a fair bit planned in the new year including a 4K video from here as well as a few more informative videos. Have a good New Year everyone.
The almost blood red coloured stream running through Finnich Glen. This shot was taken slightly downstream of the Devil's Pulpit after a bit of wading in the water. It's available in a variety of sizes in print from our online shop and would make a great stocking filler or even as a treat to yourself to hang on the livingroom wall:

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For those of you who are not able to make the trip to Finnich Glen we hope that this 360 degree photograph will help to give you an idea of how magical the location is. The bottom of the stairs that bring you down into the gorge can be seen on one side with the stream that takes you to the Devil's Pulpit on the other.

We also have several prints available of the location on our website shop...
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The Devils Pulpit in Finnich Glen, north of Glasgow. The gorge is said to have been a place monks once travelled to and spoke with the Devil at the rock featured in this shot.

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Whilst this doesn't fall in to our usual remit Finnich Glen is a place we've always wanted to visit and its a place we will certainly return to with a set of waders!
Another beauty from Michal.
Polphail no more
Check out this video of Caldwell House shot using a drone. What other drone videos do you love? Share your favourites in the comments.
It sadly looks like Polphail may be getting demolished going by this photo posted up by Richard Boyd. Have you visited before? Post up your photos in the comments below to share with everyone.
Here's a favourite of ours St. Peter's Seminary posted up by Jilly Mcilloney. I wonder how the partial restoration is going.

Have you got any photos from St. Peter's?
A look down the road at Bangour Village Hospital from Dominic D'onofrio Photography. Anyone else have some photos from Bangour?
It seems this weeks abandoned building to go on fire is Drumoyne Primary School:

Firefighters tackle Govan derelict school blaze
[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]

Firefighters tackle Govan derelict school blaze - BBC News

Two 13 year old boys have been charged with the fire that destroyed Glen O' Dee Hospital for those who are interested. Whilst it's great that someone will be held accountable for the destruction, given their age its unlikely that anything will happen to them.

Thanks to Tom Doofers for sharing the article with us.

[ Bbc.co.uk Link ]

Boys aged 13 charged over Glen O'Dee hospital fire in Banchory - BBC News

We woke up this morning to the news that Glen O'Dee Hospital has sadly been destroyed by fire. We have no idea whats left of the building but from the news articles it sounds like its completely gone. Another beautiful building ruined by idiots. Wonder which one will be next.
Amazing barely touched abandoned cottage from Christine Hay. I'd definitely like to see some more.
It's always important to stay safe while exploring.... In saying that who'd take their chances with this make shift ladder? Posted up by J.Fair Photography
The abandoned control room from Mark Leslie
An old cottage on Orkney from Ingrid Budge Photography
Govan Graving Docks were built between 1869 and 1875 by Clyde Navigation Trust during the time when the River Clyde was at the forefront of shipbuilding. It allowed for the inspection and repair of the hull of a boat without the worry of getting a wee bit wet.

The docks were finally abandoned in 1988 with a number of the original buildings being demolished over the subsequent years. You can...
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There are two viaducts on the former railway line between Larkhall and Stonehouse. The former at Larkhall is Scotland's tallest viaduct whereas the latter at Stonehouse was once Scotland's longest. Unfortunately, the deck which graciously curved over the River Avon at Stonehouse was torn down in 1984. Despite both viaducts being built to accommodate a twin track, there was only ever a single...
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