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Getting blood pressure in this heat! Explaining the temp outside to the rest of the office like...
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When you answer the phone cheeky-ways like Steven on a Monday...
When you're trying to eat healthy for the New Year
Trying to remember your login details after the holidays like...
First day back at work listening to everyone's holiday stories like...
When your mob makes unrealistic New Years Eve resolutions

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Anyone else join the gym today? #NewYearNewMe
You on the dance floor tonight Happy New Years!
Hitting the shops today for the Boxing Day sales? Don't forget your race card!
Biggest feed today for Christmas. Can't even eat!

Merry Christmas you fellas
Biggest mob coming round for Christmas lunch? Can't even shop!
Travelling home for Christmas? Pro tip: Carry on baggage isn't literal
Want to avoid the "still single?" conversation with your Nan this Christmas?
There is still time to find someone - with help from Black Velvet #CloseYourGap
The Black As boy's audition tape for Santa's Sleigh Pit Crew 2016.
Some stocking stuffer ideas...not sure if this means you've been naughty or nice?
Move over Mariah! Steven Oliver wants you to have yourself a very sexy Christmas
Christmas shopping, rego due, pyscho ex coming to lunch, no phone credit, Chrisco.

Mariah Carey.

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Last few days of work before holidays? Need some motivation? Have you tried calling... Aboriginal IT Solutions?