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It's payday... Who's good for a loan?
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Stay true to the crew. TGIF, here's to work drinks tonight then kids footy and netball this weekend...
I'll just play until I get the feature...
The Sistagirls are on their way to #SydneyMardiGras for the first time!
How's that Mardi Gras diet going? #SydneyMardiGras
When your boss makes you go to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff network meeting... Without your paleo pear and banana bread.
All I wanted was devon and sauce...
Catch me outside, how 'bout that? I know some places out west where that if a goanna walked into the kitchen it would become dinner!

Probably wouldn't find us trying to remove this friendly little fellah... How about you?

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The Warriors, coming to ABC TV in 2017.
Well... I've been busy too!
TGIF... True God it's Friday!
Just one, it's Thursday... I have work tomorrow.
Probably wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Miss Miranda Tapsell! Check her out... on Newton's Law tonight.
When you're blessed with dinner, twice.

4:50pm... Do I answer the phone, or nah?
"Do I have to separate you two?" - My boss, 2017.

And all of my teachers before them...

Also my Mum.