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Who let the Cleverman crew out of The Zone!?! The 5x nominees for tonight's Logies, scrub up pretty well. Best of luck to Cleverman and also Black Comedy, representing tonight.

You can tune into the Logies broadcast over on Channel 9 now!
Who let the Cleverman crew out of The Zone The 5x nominees
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Christina Coombe
Alicia Farmer
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ABC Indigenous
04/19/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Just getting into #WarriorsABC? Come back later, the whole series is up on ABC iview.

Go on jump in. Link below in the comments.
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ABC Indigenous
ABC Indigenous
04/19/2017 at 10:24. Facebook
Time to kit up! #WarriorsABC starts 9:30pm on ABC TV.

Tonight the boys learn the difference between good viral... And bad viral.
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Sally Parsons
Bec Charlesworth
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ABC Indigenous
04/19/2017 at 05:00. Facebook
Cinnamon Sunrise and Vanilla Delight sound like stripper names you get when you take your first pets name and the first street you lived in... But, what are the boys up to?

The Warriors are back tonight, 9:30pm on ABC TV.

P.S Are you diggin' The Warriors soundtrack by A.B. Original's own Trials?
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Amber Thomas
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ABC Indigenous
04/18/2017 at 05:25. Facebook
When the 3:30-itis hits you'll know where to find us today... #hangry #appyheaster #12itemsorless #cantevenshop
Carmen Janic
Tee Telea
Rochelle Cooper
Wake up gently and embrace your inner #WarriorsABC.

The Warriors, season 1 now available on ABC iview: [ Link ]
Tricia Murray
Joseph Fletcher
This long weekend is the perfect time to curl up on the couch and watch #WarriorsABC. All episodes now available on ABC iview.
This long weekend is the perfect time to curl up on the

ABC iview : The Warriors: Complete Series
Murray Danika Abdullah
Joseph Fletcher
Erin Wimshurst
TALENT CALL-OUT: Are you Indigenous AND funny? Are you a fan of the ABC TV show Black Comedy? Or do you reckon you could do better?! Maybe you’ve got what it takes to be involved in the show.

ABC Indigenous is calling for up to 15 Indigenous writers and writer/performers to be involved in a workshop for a potential third series of Black Comedy.
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Lorraine Martin
Kristel Kickett
You saw him in #WarriorsABC now meet Gordon Churchill, the Kimberley teenager who is taking #TheRoadBackHome to tell the story of how he scored the lead role in the new ABC TV comedy/drama.

Read the full story: [ Link ]

Ben Broadwith
ABC Indigenous
Max Heron
Mickael So Cool Nazaire
Hey, U up?

We're over here getting ready for the first ep of The Warriors. Do us a solid, flick over to ABC TV and give it a watch. #Solid #Whichway #StylinUp #YourMate #WarriorsABC
Sasha Bradbury
Lisa Hart
Kelly Dennison
Starting tonight, Wednesdays 9:30pm on ABC TV, kick it with The Warriors.

Judith Mckay
Mark Sheavyn
Megan Emilie
What nah? Do you remember this man? This moment?

#warriorsABC starts tonight, Wednesday 12 April 9:30pm on ABC TV.
What nah Do you remember this man This moment
ABC Indigenous
Gabriel Angeloglou
Lisa Marie Polwarth
Just what is #WarriorsABC about*?

*Language Warning.
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Amber Thomas
Paige Simmons
Thank god it's Friday. Here's to a ... successful weekend for all #GetTheMoign
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Ashum Owen
Lillian Hull
Tymunna up to his old err...tricks again. Nailing some of the best trick shots we've seen
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Taya Saywell
Waylon Mann
Cyclone Deb's meme game is almost as strong as her gale force.

Stay safe you mob.

[ Link ]
Cyclone Deb's meme game is almost as strong as her gale force
ABC Indigenous
ABC Indigenous
Dana Casey
Emily Chandler
Kellee Barbuto
Jayedee Demon Child
CYCLONE TIPS for you mob up in North QLD. Stay safe and please share this with friends and family in and around the affected areas to help get the message out.

As Cyclone Debbie approaches, make sure you are prepared and know what to do during a cyclone with our cyclone guide:

Find the latest cyclone warning and maps via the Bureau of Meteorology at
CYCLONE TIPS for you mob up in North QLD Stay safe and
Damyan Rosa
Skye N Daniel Gray
Esmay Deakin
Couldn't get enough footy over the weekend? Or do you just love a good Aussie Drama? Plenty of both in our... Cheeky, new series The Warriors.

The Warriors starts April 12 on ABC TV and if you're super keen, binge the whole season on ABC iview.
Cat A Lin
Deirdre Fitzgerald
Claudia Bock
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Nelson Baker
Greg Saunders