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"This is big on an international basis, this could be one of the most polluting coal mines in the world."

Wollangambe River, in NSW's Blue Mountains, is the dumping site for discharge from a nearby coal mine. Researchers say it's led to the wiping out of dozens of insect species and severe contamination.
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"It's strenuous, it also gets very complicated."

Political campaigning can be tough at the best of times, but things have an added edge when your electorate is twice the size of Victoria. Two candidates vying for the state seat of #Kimberley in Western Australia share their stories. #WAVotes
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"For transgender people, it's a big stress, causes a lot of anxiety knowing whether the doctor is going to be friendly to you or not."

A new clinic being trialled in Darwin wants to make getting medical help easier for trans people in the Northern Territory.
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"Is it any wonder there is cynicism?"

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has lashed out at two of his MPs who abused the entitlements system.
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Would you buy a piece of land of just 70 square metres?

Tiny homes and micro lots are taking off around Australia as the country struggles with housing affordability.
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A group of volunteers aims to be on a first-name basis with Adelaide's homeless population in the space of two months.

With the city's displaced not accessing available services, the Street Crew aims to brings the services to them.
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You know what they say, the bigger the better.

There's a new festival bringing giant art to the streets of Brisbane and it's looking to change the face of the city.
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From Mounted Games to a 3-D printing and robotics lab.

The Canberra Show is experimenting with some high-tech and high adrenaline attractions, giving this year's entertainment a modern twist.
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Elephant seals are being enlisted as oceanographers in the quest to find out more about the Southern Ocean.
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The Epirb - an electronic rescue beacon - is the adventurer's best friend. But the vast majority of Epirb activations are false.

Australia Wide looks at the Epirb this week.
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A South Australian e-waste recycling plant that employs people with disabilities has encountered a problem - they're running out of e-waste to process!
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What impact did the Parramatta Eels #salarycap scandal have on you? Are you as excited for this year's season?

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg discusses how he reckons it affected the game, Sunday at 12:30pm.
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Japanese businesses are being encouraged by the Government to let employees leave work early on some Fridays.

The average Japanese employee works 80 hours of overtime a month.
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Planet America is back, taking a look at this week in US politics.
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Picking the precise poll which pinpoints the President's popularity can be puzzling. #PlanetAmerica explain why polls can seem paradoxical.
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Malaysian police have revealed that VX, a deadly nerve agent, was found on #KimJongnam's face. It's classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations. But what is VX?

We spoke to the chief toxicologist at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and says little is known about the toxic chemical.
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Barrie Cassidy says Tony Abbott lashing out at Malcolm Turnbull last night, was “about the most comprehensive spray that any politician would deliver on a colleague on his own side of politics.”
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Malcolm Turnbull says it's the media that's distracted by Tony Abbott's comments - not the Government.
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Researchers in the UK have found a link between intelligence and drugs. It means smart kids are more likely to take illegal drugs than those with a lower IQ.

The study also found they're less likely to start smoking cigarettes.
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"Sunday is not regarded as a religious day anymore. There is an expectation in the Australian community that the services sector be open for business."

Tourism Accommodation Australia Chief, Martin Ferguson, welcomes the decision to cut Sunday penalty rates.