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Shoppers at mall in Hong Kong thrown into panic as escalator unexpectedly goes backwards and speeds up. Eighteen people were injured. [ Link ]
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Late-winter storm took its toll but isn't stopping thousands from enjoying D.C.'s National Cherry Blossom Festival. "It just brings a lot of joy into your spirit." [ Link ]
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Senator Chuck Schumer says Democrats would potentially consider Pres. Donald J. Trump's proposals if he tells the House Freedom Caucus and other "far right" conservative groups "he can't work with them." [ Link ]
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The crisis was put to rest when New York City Department of Sanitation workers went above and beyond the call of duty.

NYC sanitation workers retrieve a woman's wedding rings against the odds
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There must be something in the water at one Iowa fire station.

Fire department welcomes 6 babies in 7 months
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94-year-old Indiana woman celebrating 44 years working at McDonald's has no plans to retire. "I would miss it too much." [ Link ]
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The sewage treatment plant — Washington state's largest — is only partially treating dirty water that goes down Seattle toilets and washes off roofs and roads before discharging it into Puget Sound. It's likely to face fines for violating federal clean-water laws.

Seattle plant failure dumps millions of gallons of sewage
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Hundreds arrested in Russia as police crackdown after thousands gathered for massive anti-corruption protests in Moscow and around the country. [ Link ]
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Pres. Donald J. Trump has now laid out exactly what he wants in the "big, beautiful wall" that he's promised to build on the U.S.-Mexico border. But his effort to build a huge hurdle to those entering the U.S. illegally faces impediments of its own.

Pres. Trump's border-wall proposal faces many obstacles
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Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner who is leading the opposition to President Vladimir Putin, was arrested while walking from a nearby subway station to the demonstration.

Corruption protests held across Russia
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The unusual measure came after a senior Hamas militant, Mazen Faqha, was found shot dead at the entrance of his Gaza City home late Friday. Hamas blamed Israel for "assassinating" him, without providing evidence.

Hamas closes Gaza crossing with Israel after shadowy killing
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The "Trump troubadour"—a once-staunch Donald J. Trump supporter who followed the Republican candidate to more than 45 campaign rallies across the country—says he lost trust in Trump over health care push: "I feel betrayed."
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The New York Times' Maggie Haberman on Pres. Donald J. Trump after the fall of the GOP's health care bill: "I don't think he knows how to cope with defeat" #ThisWeek
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NEW: Suspect in fatal Las Vegas bus shooting identified as 55-year-old Rolando Cardenas, police say. Cardenas surrendered after barricading himself inside a bus on the Las Vegas Strip yesterday.

Suspect in custody after fatal Las Vegas bus shooting
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Senator Chuck Schumer said the other failure of the GOP’s health care bill was that it gave too much to the rich instead of Trump’s working-class base – and predicted that any efforts on Trump’s next agenda item of tax reform that do the same will also fail.

Schumer: Trump showed 'basic lack of competence' on health care bill
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Encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp must make their platforms accessible to intelligence agencies, a top British security official declared Sunday amid reports that the Westminster attacker used the service minutes before his assault on Parliament.

UK minister: WhatsApp must make itself accessible to police
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Political strategist Roger Stone, longtime friend and adviser to President Donald J. Trump, doubled down on his defense against allegations that he or others in the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia in its interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Trump associate Roger Stone:'No contacts or collusion’ with Russia
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On Twitter, Pres. Donald J. Trump called out the House Freedom Caucus, saying Democrats are “smiling” because the group of conservative lawmakers' opposition to the House Republicans' health care proposal “saved” Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

Trump shifts blame to conservatives on failure of health care bill
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Hundreds of protesters arrested during large-scale anti-government demonstrations in Moscow's Pushkin Square and across the country— the largest coordinated outpourings of dissatisfaction in Russia since massive 2011-12 demonstrations that followed a fraud-tainted parliamentary election. [ Link ]