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"Regardless of where we live, the South West has lessons it can share with the rest of us."

WA's South West a climate change 'canary in the mine'
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"This is a Torresian crow change and it's only happening in Queensland."

Torresian crows form new nesting habits in major evolutionary change: scientists
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Evidence of how the extinct Tasmanian tiger behaved was limited to anecdotal reports from farmers and hunters. Until now.

Scans reveal how Tasmanian tiger brain was wired to kill
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It's life, Jim, but not as we know it ...

What would happen if the Earth stopped rotating?
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Leonie the leopard shark was separated from her partner in 2013 because her tank was getting crowded with pups. But that didn't stop her having more pups by herself.

While scientists have seen asexual breeding in sharks before in captivity, this is the first time it has been seen in a mature breeding shark.
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Do you have brush turkeys in your garden?

Five reasons to love brush turkeys
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About 130,000 years ago, the Great Barrier Reef almost drowned.

Ancient coral samples show Great Barrier Reef could recover
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It's so dark, it makes objects look like holes cut out of reality.

Blacker than black: How the world's darkest material is being used
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Tourists in Queensland just found a 100 million-year-old sabre-toothed lizardfish.

Rare lizardfish fossil unearthed in outback Queensland
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Take an incredible ride over Australia’s wetlands with Professor Richard Kingsford.

Counting birds to save the Murray-Darling
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Pop quiz, hot shots! Show us your SCIENCE.

Quiz: How much science do you know?
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It absorbs 99.96% of the light that hits it - but what is the world's darkest material good for? [ Link ]
He may not have a constellation named after him, but there is asteroid 342843 Davidbowie.

There's no Bowie constellation, but there's a horsefly named Beyonce
The two galaxies are captured as they slowly, destructively merge into one.

'Doomed duo' galaxies collide in new NASA image
"We finally pinned down a minimum age for the moon formation, regardless of how it formed."

Moon likely formed more than 4 billion years ago, scientists say
Do you know what the oldest known dinosaur fossil is?

Twelve of the oldest fossils we've discovered so far