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The discovery of seven exoplanets was mighty exciting - but in the search for life, looking closer to home may prove more fruitful.

Searching for extra-terrestrial life in water worlds close to home
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Surgeons at a north Queensland hospital are using a 3D printer to build life-size replicas of patients' fractured bones.

Hospital 3D printer builds models of fractured bones
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Just like a tree's growth rings - krill have tiny bands on their eyestalks that show their age.

Krill eyestalks key to understanding vital player in Antarctic ecosystem
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They may have tiny brains, but it turns out bumblebees can not only learn to use tools by observing others, they can improvise and make the task even easier.

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Scientists estimate 90 per cent of the world's coral reefs will disappear in the next 35 years.

Only 10 per cent of coral reefs can be saved from extinction, scientists say
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The humble bumblebee's even more clever than we thought.

Clever bees learn new tricks from one another
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The Great Barrier Reef could turn into the Great Beige Reef by 2036.

Coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef could be normal within 20 years
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It's 40 light-years away and it's the closest thing we've found that resembles our solar system.

Scientists discover seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star
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Everything earthquakes - including how the biggest come about.

The science of earthquakes explained
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Access to Antarctic research stations is limited by an ice runway that can only be used during certain months of the year. But that could soon change.

Year-round runway could be built on Antarctica
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Google's hunting Australian hackers - of which there are reportedly very few.

So why the shortage in home-grown IT expertise?

Where is the IT crowd?
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A rare glimpse into the lives of dolphins beneath the water - interacting with their young, feeding, and playing.

Dolphin-mounted cameras give scientists a glimpse of mammal's underwater life
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"I realised that the person I'd been sitting next to was Elizabeth Taylor."

Prosopagnosia: What it's like to live with 'face blindness'
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This could provide relief for parents of kids with unknown illnesses.

"It's an incredibly powerful test in kids with undiagnosed syndromes"

Researchers of rare genetic disorders in children mark milestone
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We asked scientists, futurists and analysts to share what they're worried about — and excited about — for the rest of the year.

So, do you want the good news or the bad news?
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This week's All in the Mind is all about prosopagnosia: [ Link ]