CAT & MOUSE: Several Siberian tigers chased an exercise drone at a China habitat – before one fat cat jumped, pawing the camera from the sky to the snow. The damaged drone started to smoke before it was safely removed. [ Link ]
New exhibition at Kensington Palace, "Diana: Her Fashion Story," chronicles the late Princess Diana's evolving style.
LANDING GEAR COLLAPSE: All 59 people on board are safe after landing gear on a Flybe plane collapsed on touch down at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – with the aircraft coming to rest on its belly and wing.
Just last month the White House said Pres. Donald J. Trump is "respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights," but after reversing the Obama-era guidance directing schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, his commitment to such rights has been questioned.

Trump's transgender guidance reversal contradicts past supportive comments
AIRFARE WARS: The battle for budget flights is picking up – with American Airlines and United Airlines joining Delta in offering “basic economy” pricing. Rebecca Jarvis is tracking Your Money – and how your family can save. [ Link ]
The White House is preparing its first budget with an eye on conservative budget outlines authored by the Republican Study Committee and Heritage Foundation.

WH readies first Trump budget that could take aim at popular programs
PLANET EARTH II: From soaring on an eagle’s back to a lemur leaping through Madagascar, Terry Moran has the inside look at the incredible animals – and technology – that leave viewers speechless in this incredible BBC America production. [ Link ]
Arsenio Hall will dismiss a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Sinéad O'Connor O'Connor for suggesting in a 2016 Facebook post that Hall provided Prince with drugs.

Arsenio Hall to dismiss $5 million lawsuit against Sinead O'Connor
DENOUNCING HATE: Vice president Mike Pence spoke out against hate during a visit to a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis that had been vandalized and as the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates anti-Semitic threats across the country. Cecilia Vega reports. [ Link ]
Hoosier winner? Some lucky player in Indiana purchased the Powerball ticket that's now worth $435 million.

Winning ticket for $435 million Powerball jackpot sold in Indiana
STORM MOVES EAST: Fourteen thousand Californians under mandatory evacuation amid flooding near San Jose and now that powerful system's moving east, packing heavy snow and the possibility of tornadoes. Rob Marciano with the forecast. [ Link ]
Jackie Evancho, opera singer who performed at Donald J. Trump's inauguration, tweeted "@realDonaldTrump u gave me the honor 2 sing at your inauguration. Pls give me & my sis the honor 2 meet with u 2 talk #transgender rghts"

Jackie Evancho 'disappointed' in Trump move on transgender protections
After 140 days, baby Eirianna, the smallest surviving infant to be born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, is finally heading home after being born four months early. [ Link ]
Trayvon Martin's parents speak out on becoming activists, a role they never expected: "We continue this fight."

Trayvon Martin's parents on role they never expected to have before son was killed
HARRISON FORD’S CLOSE CALL: Authorities are looking closely at video showing actor Harrison Ford piloting a small aircraft right over the front of a passenger plane at John Wayne Airport, Orange County, Florida. David Kerley on what punishments Ford may face. [ Link ]
McDonald's is hoping $1 sodas can help draw more customers into its stores in the U.S. as it fights to reverse 4 years of declining visits.

McDonald's to offer $1 sodas after customer visits decline
SOUND OF THE SUSPECT: A man’s voice be heard saying “Down the hill” as authorities released new evidence in the search for the killer of two girls in Indiana. Alex Perez with the new clue. [ Link ]
Fake news headline claims former President Barack Obama is planning a coup against President Donald J. Trump.

No, Obama isn't planning a coup against President Trump
TOWN HALL FURY: Americans are sounding off at constituent events across the country against the GOP congress and Pres. Donald J. Trump, with some lawmakers taking the fire, some skipping out and The White House saying some demonstrators are organized by liberals. Matt Gutman reports. [ Link ]