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FINAL FOUR, BABY! Congratulations to the Stanford Women's Basketball team for the amazing comeback victory against Notre Dame. Go Stanford!

Stanford rallies, edges Notre Dame 76-75 to reach Final Four
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"Call me Dr. Tayong, my accomplishments are your accomplishments papa." Coreeliza Tayong's father's dying wish to see his youngest daughter graduate came true after a school found out he only had about one week to live.

Fresno woman fulfills dying father's dream to see her graduate
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"Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45," instead of $30. The owner admits he charges overweight customers more because it's difficult for his technicians to perform the service and overweight customers break his chairs. Do you think overweight people should pay more?

Nail salon charges overweight customers more for pedicures
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SHOULD THEY STAY? Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf got heated during Saturday's rally to keep the Raiders from leaving.

Oakland city leaders, Raiders fans rally to keep their team in the Bay.
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TOO CUTE?!? Is there even such a thing?

Adorable baby hippo takes a dip
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CONGRATS, MICHAEL! Chico State honored 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney with its Distinguished Alumni Award.

ABC7's Michael Finney honored by Chico State
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NEW PUPPY PAWS! A rescued puppy born with no feet is getting a chance to enjoy some new paws.

Puppy with no feet gets prosthetic paws
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BEAUTIFUL VIEW! If you can't make it up to the snow this weekend, just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous view from out Lake Tahoe cam. Then, see when the next round of rain will hit the Bay Area right here: [ Link ]
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IS IT BABY TIME?!? April the Giraffe could give birth any minute now at the Animal Adventure Park in New York after being pregnant with a calf for 15 months! Learn more about April and her journey right here: [ Link ]
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PASSPORT DELAY: "They are very upset. We know they need their passport." The Guatemalan government hasn’t printed new passports in six months and tensions are mounting for Guatemalan Immigrants stuck in limbo at San Francisco’s consulate. [ Link ]
Consulado General de Guatemala en San Francisco, CA - Oficial
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BEATING STRONG: Abraham Maga was an active kid until his heart started giving him trouble. Now he's getting used to his new ticker after a transplant at Stanford Hospital.

Teen gets new heart at Stanford Hospital
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"TENDERCUTS:" We're celebrating San Francisco hairstylist Raquel Fajardo, who offers haircutting services for the homeless and anyone in need. She calls her free services, TenderCuts, after the Tenderloin neighborhood where many of her clients live. Great job Raquel!

SF barber shares love, respect with 'Tender Cuts'
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FALLING BEHIND: Ever find yourself thinking there are a lot of empty storefronts in San Francisco's Castro District? Well, it's not your imagination, it's a thing. Interactive maps and number-crunching: [ Link ]
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BAY BRIDGE BEAUTY: Another week has come and gone in the beautiful Bay Area. What are you doing this weekend? Check out the forecast here and see if you can make outdoor plans: [ Link ].
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BABY TIME YET!? April the Giraffe has been pregnant for over a year, and it's almost time to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park in New York. What should they name the new calf when it arrives? [ Link ]
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"It's extremely disturbing and I can't imagine being on the receiving end of that, my heart goes out to her. It's awful."

Police say man threatened to shoot Muslim woman's son on SF playground
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"Let Obamacare explode. It is exploding right now." President Trump didn't have a lot of positive things to say about the GOP health care bill was pulled minutes before a vote. Who does he think the real losers are in this situation? Hear for yourself. [ Link ]
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SNOWY FRIDAY! Can't make it to Tahoe this weekend? Just want to know how much snow is falling? Check out our Tahoe Cam for all the fresh powder action. [ Link ]
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INCLUSION NOW: That’s the theme for this year’s Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference. Natasha Zouves ABC7 explains what this means to her, and now we want to know what it means to you! Tag your video #abc7now and we may show it online or on TV! [ Link ]
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TEARFUL TRIBUTE: A man who broke up a fight between two teens in a now viral video was honored earlier this week. Choking back tears, he used his moment in the spotlight to honor someone else - his mother. Full video here: [ Link ]