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SIGHT TO SEE: You won't forget this adorable little guy. His name is Emil and after getting some tot-sized glasses, he can see his mom and dad for the first time! Now, that's cute.

Baby gets perfectly sized glasses
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FOG OR FIRE: What a difference the rain makes! Justin C.'s weekend image of Horsetail Falls in Yosemite is a gray scene, while Nam Ing's shows the firefall phenomenon from earlier this month. Which do you prefer? [ Link ]
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STORMWATCH: Are you in the clear? Live Doppler 7 can tell you where the rain is right now. Track it anywhere with the ABC7 News app. You can download it here: [ Link ]
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TEAMWORK: When a tree toppled over Highway 17, some motorists decided to take removal into their own hands. Watch as they bust out the chainsaws and get to work. Now that's a DIY project!
[ Link ]
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FEBRUARY RAIN: Today’s storm has soaked the Bay Area and caused numerous accidents on roadways. San Francisco is cloaked in gray as the downpours continue. How’d you spend your President’s Day? [ Link ]
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YOU BE THE JUDGE: It has been exactly one month since President Trump took office -- how do you think he's doing so far? [ Link ]
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“We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news.”

ABC News' Jonathan Karl: Free press is a big part of what makes America great
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Mahershala Ali tapped into his own experiences to portray his damaged but endearing character in “Moonlight.” Ali’s amazing performance is being recognized with a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. #AmazingPerformance [ Link ]

Live red carpet coverage begins Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC with "ON THE RED CARPET AT THE OSCARS!" Check your local listings.
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SUPERWOMAN! An on-call midwife nurse was dressed as Superwoman when she got the call that she was needed at the hospital, and she jumped into action. You're our hero, Jill!

Midwife races to deliver baby dressed as Superwoman
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Wishing you a happy Presidents' Day!
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DOUBLE TAKE: So you're driving along and you glance over to the carpool lane where you see a man driving with—wait, what is that?

Carpool driver caught with lifelike mannequin
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CAREFUL ON THE ROADS! Dozens of storm-related accidents have been reported early this morning in the Bay Area -- including a multi-vehicle accident that has caused a massive backup on northbound Hwy 101 in Redwood City. [ Link ]
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"URGENT INVESTIGATION:" Susan Fowler left her job as an engineer at Uber after a year. In her blog post, she said her manager repeatedly asked her to have sex.

Uber CEO calls for investigation after report of sexual harassment
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REMEMBER THEM: Today marked 75 years since President Roosevelt signed an executive order that sent nearly 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans to internment camps. [ Link ]

75th anniversary of WWII Japanese-American internment
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RIGHT OR WRONG: Workers and businesses across the country protested on the "Day Without Immigrants" to show the impact a lack of immigrants could have. For 12 restaurant workers the protest turned into losing their job entirely.

Workers fired for no-show on "Day Without Immigrants"
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MONDAY MESS: You might want to make indoor plans for the holiday because rainy days are here again. Meteorologist Drew Tuma has your storm timeline and the latest on the next storm in the Bay Area. [ Link ]
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Kyrie Irving plays for the reigning champs -- the Cavaliers. Kyrie is an All Star -- a starter. Kyrie believes the world is flat. Kyrie says he knows the science.

Cavs' Kyrie Irving on 'Earth is flat' comments: 'I know the science'
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THIMBLE TOSSED: You can still pass “Go” and collect $200, but you’ll have to do it without the popular thimble. Which piece do you use to play Monopoly with?

Game piece voted out of Monopoly board game
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HOW TO: Dance Cam Mom Robin Schreiber calls this the "Splash Brothers" dance. Want to learn? Check out this tutorial with the queen of boogie herself and our Larry Beil. [ Link ]
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GLORIOUS! Take a look at the incredible sight at Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole. Water has been spilling into it due to the record rains we've been getting and there's more on the way. Thanks for sending this along Eileen Paredes. [ Link ]