We're excited for the weekend!

Do you have a favorite weekend tradition or routine with your family? Share in the comments below!
It's National Puppy Day! ❤

Does your little one love puppies and dogs? Check out Puppy Math on ABCmouse.com or learn from any of our games and books featuring their favorite animal!
Congratulations to Skye--she recently completed Level 4 on ABCmouse.com! (She even made her own certificate!) ❤ ???? Keep up the great work!
Today is the official first day of spring!

Since early spring weather can vary, help your child research what the weather is like in another part of the country and compare it to where you live.

Ask him or her: Is it similar or very different? Why do you think that is? ????
Our fun fact today is about four-leaf clovers, which are pretty rare amongst three-leaf clovers (also known as shamrocks). Four-leaf clovers are traditionally said to bring about "luck" due to their rarity. ☘ ????
Looking for that "pot o' gold" at the end of the rainbow? Look no further than...your pantry! ????

We arranged a colorful cereal rainbow (coming out of fluffy marshmallow clouds) leading to a pot o' gold crackers--but you can encourage your little one to use any foods that they enjoy (and are age-appropriate).
It's Pi Day (3/14)! Celebrate this mathematical constant (3.14159...) by eating its delicious homophone, a pie!
Here's an idea for a science project for the little ones!

Ask your child to observe what happens to each flower over time and explain what they see. You can also explain how plants take in water (even though we can't see plants take the water in).
It's International Women's Day! Take some time today to thank a woman who has made a difference in your life! ❤
Here is one of our favorite quotes about education by poet and Nobel Laureate, William Butler Yeats.
Looking for an indoor art activity for the little ones this weekend? Try drawing with glue and salt!
Whether your family is going to be all "go, go, go" or taking some time to relax, we hope you have a wonderful weekend!
You've heard from parents and teachers—but what do kids have to say about ABCmouse.com? Watch our new testimonial featuring kids to find out!
Happy birthday to all those celebrating a birthday in March!
Meet Shawna! Shawna loves to explore and discover new things. She enjoys math--you can learn all about 3D shapes with her and observe them in the world around us!

Search for "Shawna" on ABCmouse.com to find activities featuring this cheerful and curious explorer!
Here is our quote of the day (and every day, really)! ✏
Today's advisor tip is about observing and talking about the weather with your little one, even if it's an "indoor" kind of day! ⛈❄

What are some other ways you and your children continue to learn and stay active indoors?
Join us in congratulating young learner Aria! She recently finished Level 1! Way to go!

(We thank mom, Channie, for sharing this photo of her achievement with us.)
Here's a fun fact to celebrate George Washington's birthday!

To learn more about the 1st U.S. president, visit the ABCmouse.com library to read his biography.
It's Presidents' Day! Visit ABCmouse.com and search "president" to find themed activities for your young learners! ????