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It's a "no-brainer" on so many levels!
When I read the news nowadays...
Fun times at #LeLogis - #TheHomeOfGreyGoose Everything they say about the south of France is true.
I've been busy painting.
A little late to the @instagram party
The guys at Grey Goose must have seen DEV. D because they invited me over to their home "Le Logis" in the South of France for a weekend.

I think they were expecting Dev the alcoholic but instead they got me, Abhay the yogi!

Such a gorgeous house right?
"... and what is friendship if not learning the song of another’s heart and singing it back to them?"

Those of you who have seen my film "Happy Bhag Jayegi" will know that I play a Pakistani in the movie. One question I was repeatedly asked during the promotions was, 'how hard was it to play a Pakistani?'
I was taken aback not by the question but by the frequency with which it was asked. I always stressed on the fact that 70 years of separation are not long enough to undo what a shared...
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Beyond Harappa: Pakistanis struggle with the paradox of their Indian heritage

After reading all the reviews and getting reactions from people who've seen my new film #happybhagjayegi, I had to post this song. Not only to remember the good 'old times', but to celebrate this 'new time'. Thank you for the love and good wishes.

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Get Pharrell's album G I R L on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/GIRLitunes Get Pharrell's album G I R L on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/GIRLamazonMP3 Get Pharrell's...

Hi guys I'm at the FB HQ in Bandra here to chat with you, feel free to comment or ask any questions. Excited to interact with you all.
I was always very uncomfortable in front of a still camera. Motion camera, I never had any problem, but for stills? I wanted to jump out of the window each time I had to model for a magazine!
One day I realised that models are trained to pose, while actors are trained not to pose, and that day I decided I should be able to do both. I switched off 'the actor' and became 'the model'.

And today...
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The Dapper Dairies with muse Abhay Deol.

Designers, Shantanu & Nikhil in a sartorial escapade with muse, Abhay Deol #hellomagindia #abhaydeol #celebrity #augustissue #styleissue #style #muse

I lost a bet to a friend. Here's my passport pic from when I was 18 years (on the left in case you can't tell!). I didn't actually have a number to wear glasses (still don't), I used to put them on to pass off as intelligent. The pic on the right is from my current passport.

If any of you ladies and gents want to share their old pics, feel free to add them to the comments with a title.

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"If you don't like it, don't hate on it"

Words from my nephew, all of 17 and running his own youtube channel critiquing games!

I love how youtube has given a platform to everyone to share their views on work, politics, games, life etc. I especially like how Taygh takes on a 'steroided' out (what I can only describe as a talking bicep) guy, who is clearly frustrated with Pokemon Go.

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Don't be like this. You don't have to like Pokemon GO, but just don't whine and moan about it like this. For you newcomers, I upload every other day. I will ...