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Love yourself before you fall for anyone else
Have a fabulous day to all my dear ones!
Have a great day :)
Happy Valentine's Day !!
For the love of Hijab!
Happy republic day dear Indians ❤
Hi. Hello. Namaste.

I honestly have no idea why I'm uploading this one here.
Yet, this is purely a toast to my good friend Karthik who has always been a light and backbone for me as a friend and a partner in work for years (if I'm to quantise it, yeah from my fifth standard on ) !!Talking about this video ; while jamming randomly on my sister's studio at home, we put the camera on video...
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Thank you Mr. Rajeem Kallai, for the picture! Patutsav, Nilambur.
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*With all due respect and gratitude to the God Almighty*
After a great show and a super tired journey back to Cochin from the venue of Patutsav, Nilambur, #AmrutamGamaya is all set for the Qatar gig! Can't wait to catch up with the bunch of music lovers at Qatar!! No tiredness can stop us from reaching you people !! Love you all. .
#Music #AmrutamGamaya #MusicianLife #Gigging #Gig...
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Nilamburkaaarey.... ningal thakarthu!!!!!!❤❤
Expecting you all :)
My lifeline!

Amrutha Suresh
The new year is happening Already!!! Love to all❤❤❤❤

Happy 2017 my dear ones!!!!

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