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What is "The AIB Curse"?
Clip from season 1 of #SonOfAbish
Season 2 coming soon :D
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"The AIB Curse" by Tanmay & Khamba | #SonOfAbish

(Season 2 coming soon)
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Abish Mathew Live
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In Dubai we be chilling, snow boarding, belly dancing and living it up. Check out the craziness that went down. #BreezerVivid #Dubai #Bucketlist
So the 13th edition of #AltMic an open mic for the alternative forms of comedy!
This time the amazing Rahul Subramanian will be hosting it at The Cuckoo Club

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ALT Mic #13 Jokes in Pre-Alpha

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Returning this 2017!
Season 2
What I feel when someone says “#AwesomeSauce”

Hey guys! new video releasing tomorrow night at 8 pm
Our channel -
‪"Calm the fuck down" - Kanan Gill ‬

‪And more pearls of wisdom on this week's #JourneyOfAJoke‬

Kanan Gill

We are back with more #JourneyOfAJoke
This week we've got Kanan Gill breaking down his bit on "Feminism & Debates"
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We've got a stellar line up of alternative forms of comedy tonight at #AltMic at The Cuckoo Club with the one and only Kenneth Sebastian hosting it!
Tickets here: [ Insider.in Link ]

Alt Mic #12: Jokes in Pre Alpha

Two new episodes of #JourneyOfAJoke coming soon.

Till then visit for previous ones :)

Journey Of A Joke

Hey guys come to the The Cuckoo Club tonight. I'll be hosting the most alternative Comedy Open Mic (#AltMic)
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Alt Mic

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Alt Mic is back at the The Cuckoo Club where you see comedians try alternative forms of comedy!
Hosted by yours truly!

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Alt Mic

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I can't even...

Thank you Bacardi NH7 Weekender Kenneth Sebastian :)