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"Truths of a Happy Married Life" feat. #BehtiNaak on #SonOfAbish

Tag your "Happily Married Friends"
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02/24/2017 at 07:00. Facebook
Watch #BehtiNaak (Sumukhi Suresh) talk about marriages on #SonOfAbish
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One of my favourite parts from the 2nd episode of #SonOfAbish with #BehtiNaak (Sumukhi Suresh) coming out soon :)
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If Mrs. Pinto can use it, so can you.
Check out the new video I did with ICICI Bank
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Biswapati Sarkar tells us how To Do An Arnab Impression.
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Yogic Comic!
‪Lights... Camera...‬
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Played a little game on #SonOfAbish called "Someone Who Needs No Introduction" with Biswapati Sarkar, Nidhi Bisht & Amol Parashar.
Releasing an exclusive game from the 2nd episode of #SonOfAbish !
Find out what the inside joke was at 1pm :)
Still wondering if mobile banking is safe?
Watch me put all your fears to rest.

My favourite part of the #ThirdWheel sketch
Watch the entire video here :)
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Our gift to you this Valentine's Day. #ThirdWheel #SonOfAbish
Zakir will be doing a Facebook live at 10pm
Our live audience seemed to enjoy themselves! #SonOfAbish Episode 2 feat. Nidhi Bisht, Biswapati Sarkar, Amol Parashar of TVF Qtiyapa and Sumukhi Suresh! Episode here: [ Facebook.com Link ]
You must be wondering why Nidhi Bisht is wearing herself on her forehead as Biswapati Sarkar, Amol Parashar and I look on in amusement. Watch the episode and you will find out! [ Facebook.com Link ]
I want YOU to watch my episode! (It’s funny. Mummy promise) [ Facebook.com Link ]
There’s been a takeover here on #SonOfAbish or should I say #SonOfArnub! View the episode here! [ Facebook.com Link ]
Why does Nidhi Bisht have Kanye and Kim on her head? Why is Biswapati Sarkar in that pose? Why am I, er, doing that? Is that Amol Parashar behind? All revealed on #SonOfAbish! [ Facebook.com Link ]