Aboriginal Mats
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I am in India at present and as each trip that I come here I am in awe of the resilience of the people. Life can be tough, bloody tough in fact. And yet you still feel welcome and warm wherever you travel... Thanks India. I sure do ❤ you, but this Mumma is ready to head home to her little boy and her better half, get back to where we call home
Aboriginal Mats
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Some days I wake up and pinch myself. I feel so privileged to be able to work with artists to creat a recycled product that celebrates culture, art and story, a product that is also practical, affordable and unique. Over 7 years I have been doing this and artists and mate De Greer Yindimincarlie has been with me designing since the beginning. This is De's latest design with me called...
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Love to see our mats in action and even love it more when the images capture a special few moments of time between Mum, Dad and the kids....

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Not long now till our new mat designed by Dean Jakamarra Briscoe arrives in stock called "Honey Ant" ... Countdown is on, due in less that 2 weeks
This morning I met the delightful Amarlee at the markets in Tweed Heads, she was making herself a handmade rug from a dunar cover. So great to see people doing cool stuff. I've let her know that if she ever has any extras to let me know so that I can let you all know too
Thanks to Erin for sharing your mat in action.... "We are enjoying our time at Day on the green in the Hunter Valley :)"

A wee video I thought I'd share that I made a month or so back on our new De Greer Yindimincarlie designed "Evolution" mat. This one is 2.7m in size and is $139 available from
How stunning does our Angela Marr-Grogan designed mat called "Reconciliation" look at this outdoor garden party that we had last weekend at home, we threw out some hay bales and a couple of our new picnic tables and kaboom the space was set for a fun afternoon of love, laughter and lessons of life.

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Outdoor play with a variety of our mats made from recycled materials. All reversible and easy to clean, designed by Indigenous artist, find out more on our website
Working on a new product line with Zac from Saltwater Dreamtime - lots more to show you next week..... In the meantime head on over and check out Zacs page as he does some amazing work
Thanks to Jay for sending us your pic and message

We absolutely love our new mat really happy with the fast delivery and the payment plan .. will definitely recommend to families and friends in Townsville .. thank you

Only a few short weeks the we have this new mat called "Honey Ant" by Dean Jakarmarra Briscoe available. This will be Dean's 3rm mat design with us and we look forward to being this new design style to you around Feb 20

What a gorgeous pic sent in by a happy customer of the kids partaking in an invitation to paly learning experience on our Angela Marr-Grogan designed "Campfire" mat.

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Set up a few play spaces yesterday at home in anticipation of all the kids rocking over for our sons birthday party. It looks pretty good doesn't it ! This is our Campfire 3 m mat by Angela Marr- Grogan

Hmmmm banana trees, clear skies, hammock and a gorgeous Angela Angela Marr-Grogan designed mat made for a rather peaceful afternoon retreat for me for 5 minutes this afternoon....

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Many thanks to Ronella for sending us in this pic... Over to you Ronella..."Hi JJ,
I was given one of these mats at the Dubbo Artlands Fair last year. This photo shows my nieces learning to weave - notice the mat?
Also, just wanted to say thank you for the new mats too. Very efficient. Thanks again & best wishes Ronella - Thawungali Gallery Tenterfield NSW
How devine does this De Greer Yindimincarlie designed mat look! This one is called "Evolution" and is also actually our logo ( that's how much we love it ) we are setting up for a party this weekend and have put it in this cool bell tent for the kids hang out zone.. Doesn't it look fab!

These Chindi Trellis rugs are not designed by Indigenous artists unlike our Aboriginal and TSI range that are, but they are gorgeous and made from recycled materials. So thought I'd share with you some of our new and different range...

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