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We've all got records we need to blow the dust off ... Matthew has a stack of them from 7pm! Kicking off with Michael, Rita, Robert and Shelley... #forgotten80s is on DAB digital radio! You can also tune in via absoluteradio.co.uk/80s x
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Get those tapes cued up. The 80s Chart Show is on at 4pm, counting down the hits of February '84 & '86. absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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I Prince with Nish Kumar - tonight at 9pm absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/

Nish Kumar's 'I Love Prince'

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We've got Tony Hadley up at 6pm, to lead a Saturday night singalong to get the 80s Party going. absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/ Spandau Ballet (Official)
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A very happy birthday to Molly Ringwald A couple more candles than sixteen, but at least we remembered?!
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Getting limbered up for the weekend? Sarah's up at 7pm with the perfect 80s-soundtrack to match: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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All this fuss about Vitamin D is all fine and good, but add some MC to that D and serve it with a side of Aerosmith - well, that's sure to put a spring in your step: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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Credited as 'Wham! featuring George Michael', 'Careless Whisper' was No.1 in the USA this week in 1985. Despite being the only song on 'Make It Big' co-written by Andrew Ridgeley it was released as George Michael's first solo single in the UK - and was a No.1 here in August 1984.
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What are the #80sSongsThat β€˜Don’t’ Disappoint? Leona turns your suggestions into a playlist at 7pm: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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We got you, babe! Happy Birthday Ali Campbell of UB40 featuring Ali Astro and Mickey
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What are the #80sSongsThat you just β€˜can’t’ get enough of? Leona feeds your habit at 7pm: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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Torvill and Dean - still our best Valentine's Day memory of the 80s...what's yours?
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What are the #80sSongsThat sum up your Valentine's Day? Leona reads your love notes and tear-stained scribbles at 7pm absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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Big time birthday love to the amazing Peter Gabriel
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And farewell Damian Davey, the man who took the fun and games of the Rocky Horror Show into the UK Top 10... now in another dimension, with voyeuristic intention... rest in peace.

02 Damian - The Time Warp (Remix - Video Dailymotion

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Rest in peace Al Jarreau, the voice of one of our decade's great TV soundtracks...

Al Jarreau ~ Moonlighting

Al Jarreau - Moonlighting Music By - Lee Holdridge

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Today we'd like your picks of #80sSongsThat are by artists the pushed the boundaries! Leona plays from your picks at 7: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
We're once again the UK's biggest digital-only commercial station, so thank you! And those of us in the #forgotten80s corner of the office simply can't shake the feeling...

See you at 7; absoluteradio.co.uk/80s x
On today's 80s Chart Show we'll be pulling out the gold from February '83 and '89. What can you remember? We'll be jogging your memory from 4pm. absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
Got any good Dad jokes for us?