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Andy Bush here - its Friday so what do you fancy hearing?

20 seconds of anything - advert, sound effect, song. ANYTHING YOU WANT.
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It really is a long way to the top - look how young Angus is in this!

AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)

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Let's do the most British thing in the world and have #SongsThat are about the weather.

Best two end the show - Chris
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Bush here, I was at The Brits last night and a house person fell off the stage during Katy Perry. Tell me, have you ever had a stage disaster? School/awards/office presentation stories all welcome...

House Falls Of Stage At Brits

A house fell of the stage during Katy Perry's performance of chained to the rhythm at the brit awards

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02/22/2017 at 20:19. Facebook
Biffy Clyro tell George Godfrey about the time they made their school classmates cry by covering Nirvana and Soundgarden...

See all of our BRIT Awards red carpet interviews: [ Absrad.io Link ]
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02/22/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
With the Brits tonight: who would you crown Best British Single? Can be from any year.

Two greats will end the show. - Chris
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02/22/2017 at 10:47. Facebook
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02/22/2017 at 06:06. Facebook
In a show of solidarity with sacked roly poly reserve keeper Wayne Shaw our newsreader Matt Dyson will at some point during the show start eating a STEAK BAKE.

Can YOU guess the EXACT time he will contravene betting laws?

Your prize? The glory of it all!
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02/21/2017 at 14:50. Facebook
Sutton sub 'Keeper Wayne Shaw became a footballing legend last night, so we want Songs That feature great guest appearances.

Best two end the show. - Chris
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02/21/2017 at 07:16. Facebook
What are you currently telling your friends they must GOOGLE?

This is one we came across...

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02/20/2017 at 16:26. Facebook
One beautiful church, one incredible band, and a handful of very lucky fans.

Watch Absolute Radio Live: Biffy Clyro at St James's Church here: [ Absrad.io Link ]
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02/20/2017 at 15:02. Facebook
Blue Planet 2 will be narrated by David Attenborough, hooray! We want your songs that mention ocean creatures.

Whales and Dolphins anyone? Best two end the show.
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Listen to our sister station Absolute Radio 90s for loads of Nirvana tracks today!
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02/20/2017 at 07:02. Facebook
What do you always get told off for?
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02/19/2017 at 21:16. Facebook
Who remembers seeing this?
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02/19/2017 at 14:53. Facebook
Sarah Champion definitely didn't say 'sugapubes' instead of 'sugacubes' on national radio. Nope...
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02/19/2017 at 12:38. Facebook
Congratulations to Ragโ€™nโ€™Bone Man - his debut album went straight to number one this week! Watch his Absolute Radio Studio Session in full here: [ Absrad.io Link ]
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02/18/2017 at 18:03. Facebook
Andy Bush here with your INDIE DISCO - have you got friends over at yours? Let me know what you're all up to and I'll give you a shout!
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02/18/2017 at 09:40. Facebook
It's one of the biggest nights in the music calendar, and we want to send you there...

Win tickets to The BRIT Awards 2017 with MasterCard

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02/17/2017 at 19:08. Facebook
The Breakfast Show are off for a week now - in the meantime, listen to a reminder that doing a national radio show whilst extremely hungover is *always* a good idea.
(Faye, we blame you for leaving :( )

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