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This was the scene this morning in Santa Barbara, California after a flood washed away cabins and cars.

Tonight more storms are hitting the San Diego area with wind gusts to 93 mph.

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For many dedicated runners, braving the elements while running requires strategic planning and dressing for winter weather.

How to adjust your outdoor running routine when winter weather strikes
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Wow, watch five seconds in! The roads were definitely not safe for normal driving in Overland Park, Kansas.
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2016 was the warmest year on record, making it the third consecutive year global temperatures soared to record highs.

2016 declared hottest year on record for the globe
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Get weather content with Superior Accuracy available on the 360 Weather Android app powered by AccuWeather.

360 Weather - Weather Forecast
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The Women's March on Washington is January 21. Here is your AccuWeather forecast for the events.
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This adorable panda, Yang Yang got to eat his snowman snack-by-snack at the Vienna Zoo in Austria this week.
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Rescue workers in central Italy found 8 survivors yesterday after an avalanche buried the Rigopiano hotel.
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AccuFan Weather Photo of the Day: Sand Harbor State Park by Michael on 1/5/17:

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Stephanie Olmo and Mark Mancuso are #facebooklive answering your questions
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Something you don’t see every day: Chickens sledding through the snow in Portland, Oregon earlier this week!
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HERO DAD: What do you do with 15 children, at 15 degrees, with 15 inches of snow?

Build a 300-foot luge in your backyard, of course!
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Severe weather will break out this weekend along the Gulf Coast, while the West remains very stormy.
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While it may look like the staging ground for an epic snowball fight, the formation of ice is actually a natural phenomenon which is known to occur each year.
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Wildfires have been running rampant, from Vietnam to South Africa: Lets take a look at some of the more severe ones that have taken place.
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If you try this experiment, make sure to not throw the hot water over your head, just in case it doesn’t turn to snow.
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While only lasting a few hours before changing to a chilly rain, the most snow since 1983 whitened Murcia on Wednesday.

PHOTOS: First snow in decades coats Murcia, Spain
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The Bartz brothers create elaborate snow sculptures at their home near Minneapolis.

Brothers create massive snow sculptures to raise money for clean water around the world
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Ambulances attempting to reach the Hotel Rigopiano in Italy (damaged by an earthquake and avalanche yesterday), were blocked by more than 6 feet of snow.
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Houston Flooding, Via Bus: What would you do in this situation? Even the bus driver seems calm.