The Fujita Scale is used to estimate the wind speed within a tornado. We explain the scale and where it originated. #AccuWeatherReady
AccuFan Weather Photo of the Day: Cool Clouds in New York by "theview" on 1/22/2017:

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When they rode through Adel, Georgia after a deadly tornado struck Sunday, destruction was everywhere.
Storms from the Pacific Ocean will return in February but will be directed more into the Northwest states, rather than central and Southern California.

California storms to abate as drought relief continues
Winter Wonderland: A man and his dog, on a walk through the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia last week.
Eyewitness account of the Hattiesburg, MS tornado Saturday: “I was thrown to the ground and everything was on top of me.”
The storm system that caused the tornadoes over the weekend turns into a Nor’easter today with high winds, heavy rain and snow. Here’s what you need to know:
There were over 30 tornado reports throughout the South this weekend. Here are some of the dramatic photos of the destruction:

Deadly tornadoes unleash 'total destruction' in southern Georgia
In Adel, Georgia, a deadly tornado's calling card: A 2x4 board stuck in a car's window.
At least 18 people were killed by tornadoes over the weekend in the South.

Reports: Death toll rises as tornadoes plague the South over the weekend
Dramatic footage shows the roof of a sports center collapsing during a “floor ball” match in the Czech Republic on Jan. 14:
Reports of damage, injuries, and fatalities near Albany, Georgia after a tornado tore through town.

Reports: Large and extremely dangerous tornado tears through central Georgia
Vancouver's recent stretch of cold weather meant that residents were able to skate on Trout Lake for the first time in 20 years:
AccuFan Weather Photo of the Day: North Carolina Sunset by "gypsy1985" on 1/19/17

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The Mississippi National Guard was out on the air to survey the destruction left behind from the powerful Hattiesburg tornado:
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Death toll is now 15 from the rounds of severe weather that rattled the South this weekend:

Tornado hits Georgia town, brings weekend death toll to 15
In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, people are now beginning to reflect on the devastation from the powerful tornado. Here is some footage from the destruction: