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Go beyond the horizon to discover the world of curve. The specs say it all. #PredatorGaming
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Our #SwithAlpha12 has portable form factor, adjustable display and full-sized keyboard help you stay productive on the go. htxt's Deon du Plessis shares his hands-on review
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Keep surprises secret with this #Windows shortcut.
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We all want a leaner body with more stamina. The Aspire S13 has a battery that will outlast you #morestamina
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Our #Swift7 is definitely leading the trend in style. "It's great, it's stylish, it's sleek and it pushes thin to the limit" - Gert-Johan Coetzee (Pty)Ltd #MyAcerHome
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Follow LW Mag's journey and get fully immersed in a world of high quality and brutal power. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with #PredatorGaming
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Although CES Las Vegas has just wrapped up, we're excited for what 2017 will bring [ Link ]
On 30 November 2016, our guests got to go on the #MyAcerHome journey at Monaghan Farm. Everyone got to experience the Acer products within their intended environments whilst enjoying a fun day out.


On 30 November 2016, our guests got to go on the #MyAcerHome journey at Monaghan Farm. Everyone got to experience the Acer products within their intended env...

Acer's Revo Build is a stylish, space-saving mini PC that’s perfect as a home entertainment and content hub. For PixelVulture's Marco Cocomello, it's his "little box of goodness". Watch his hands-on review below. #MyAcerHome
"The Acer Spin 7 just matches my business style completely", says the tech savvy Jean du Plessis from CodeBros. Here's exactly what he thought of the #Spin7. #MyAcerHome
Are you looking for a laptop of ultra-thin proportions, the new Acer #Swift7 is perfect for minimalists.
Go beyond the horizon to discover the world of curve with Predator 21 X gaming notebook. A world that bends and pulls you in to experience top-tier gaming with integration of eye-tracking technology. Featuring 21" WFHD curved display with G-Sync, Intel Core i7 processor, duo NVIDIA GTX1080 Graphic Cards, 64GB RAM, 2 subwoofers and more! #NextAtAcer [ Link ]
Our Spin 7, Acer's thinnest convertible notebook, was also selected as a CES 2017 Innovation Honoree in the computer hardware and components category. With the all-aluminum uni-body and 360-degree hinge, the convertible notebook offers up to 8 hours of batterylife and provides extreme portability, flexibility and usability for a variety of applications. #NextAtAcer - [ Link ]
The ultimate gaming displays just got better! Introduced at #CES are the world’s first Predator monitors featuring @NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR, 4K resolution and smooth, tear-free gaming at refresh rates up to 144 Hz. Are you #GameReady? [ Link ]
Meet Acer's Smart Solution for education - Acer Chromebook 11 N7. Featuring enhanced durability, spill-resistant keyboard, compliant with stringent U.S. Military Standard (MIL-STD 810G); up to 13-hour battery life, fan-less design boosts reliability, quiet operation for classrooms, libraries and ideal for labs! #NextAtAcer
It's almost #CES2017 time! With 40 years of innovation from Acer, what are you expecting to see #NextAtAcer?
Ultra-thin does not mean compromising on capabilities. The Acer #Swift7 - leading the trend in style.
The ultra-slim Acer #Spin7 convertible notebook is designed to give you the freedom and power to explore. Bring life full swing and get yours today - available now from Incredible Connection #AcerFashion #GertJohanCoetzee
Lead the trend in style and get your ultra-slim Acer #Swift7 notebook today. Available now at Incredible Connection #AcerFashion #GertJohanCoetzee
Keep yourself accompanied with a high resolution notebook and a nice movie. You deserve it. #SwitchAlpha12