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The ACLU was a double jeopardy clue Thursday night on Jeopardy! Would you win that wager?
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Trump inherited extraordinary surveillance powers currently used to spy on millions of Americans without a warrant — but a chance to change things is coming up this year.

We Must Rein in President Trump’s Spying Powers
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Since Election Day, we've been prepping for an administration whose stated policies will be an assault on the Constitution.

President Trump: The First 100 Days
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The Supreme Court called out Liberty Counsel for misgendering Gavin Grimm.
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Important look at the way schools criminalize our kids--particularly Black students and students with disabilities.

Why did a school handcuff a student
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A kindergarten class in Boston raised $14,000 for the ACLU selling these cards. We were privileged to host their teacher Emily Christman at ACLU headquarters yesterday!
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The ACLU has joined 34 tribes in asking a federal court to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline until an environment study can be done.

Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Why the ACLU Is Standing Up for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
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The ACLU is fighting Trump in court, but we need you to take the fight to the streets. That is why we’re launching, a major new grassroots program to organize #TheResistance. With we’ll help mobilize and activate #TheResistance to protect our rights. Join us!

The ACLU’s Next Endeavor: Organizing the People’s Power to Resist
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Trump’s executive order would unlawfully keep out 60,000 refugees who’d been promised resettlement in the US. We’re fighting it.

President Trump’s executive order would unlawfully keep out 60,000 refugees who would have resettled in the U.S. this year. We’re fighting it.
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This is yet another disturbing example of the Trump administration’s contempt for the vital role a free press plays in our democracy.

White House Bars Times and Other News Outlets From Briefing
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Learn more about the high school student who's leading the fight for trans equality, and why we have his back.

Stand With Gavin
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Exciting announcement! We're recruiting grassroots volunteers to fight against Trump's attacks on the Constitution. Join us? #PeoplePower

Join the ACLU's new grassroots organizing effort: People Power
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In a sweeping victory for students with disabilities nationwide, the Supreme Court ruled that a Michigan girl with cerebral palsy may sue for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act unrelated to the adequacy of her education without first exhausting administrative proceedings.

The unanimous ruling by the court in favor of 12-year-old Ehlena Fry, who was represented by the ACLU of...
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"The whole idea of checks and balances is that there may be people who, absent those checks, would overreach. In some sense, checks and balances were put in place to deal with people like Donald Trump."

POLITICO Magazine interview with ACLU legal director David Cole.

How the ACLU Plans to Fight Trump
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Trump’s bid to halve the number of refugees coming to the US this year would destroy lives.

Admitting Refugees Makes America Great
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What’s most urgent in the fight for reproductive rights now? We can skip panicking over Roe, and zero in on the immediate problems women are already facing. A majority of women who seek abortion are poor or low-income. As gestational limit bans take hold across the country they can amount to a de facto ban on abortion for low income women.

New Research Shows How Poor Women Are Effectively Banned From Getting Abortions
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The Trump administration reversal of policy ending use of private prisons is a bad move. #endprivateprisons

ACLU comment here: [ Link ]

For background, learn more about private prison profiteers: [ Link ]
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Trump is making good on his promise to build an apparatus for immigrants’ misery. Together, we can stop his unconstitutional and un-American plans.
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The ACLU is deeply committed to the fight for transgender equality. Here are a few ways you can be an informed advocate.

Three Ways to be an Informed Advocate to Transgender People
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We are fighting to ensure social workers and judges abide by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

In South Dakota, Officials Defied a Federal Judge and Took Indian Kids Away From Their Parents in Rigged Proceedings