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Connect with people working to #StopHIVStigma all across the country! Meet our Together Network members here:
Act Against AIDS
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Katrina says that "Getting into care, listening to your doctor, and staying committed to treatment are key to living well with HIV." What advice would you share with someone recently diagnosed with #HIV? Share your response in the comments. #HIVTreatmentWorks
Act Against AIDS
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Create a healthier future for yourself and get tested for #HIV. #DoingIt
Act Against AIDS
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We have to have the courage to talk about it. Meet Regan: a sister & journalist living with #HIV since 1996 #StopHIVTogether
Act Against AIDS
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We can #StopHIVStigma by changing the way we talk about HIV. Take the first step by downloading our free guide.
Act Against AIDS
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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Looking for something to do that will benefit both you and others? Try #DoingIt - getting tested for #HIV.
Act Against AIDS
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Getting tested and using condoms are two great ways to prevent the spread of #HIV. #DoingIt
Act Against AIDS
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What do being single & #DoingIt - getting tested for #HIV - have in common? Self-love. Show yourself some love this Singles Awareness Day!
Tune into the #DoingItTakeover on Instagram tomorrow! @Charreah will be taking over the Act Against AIDS Instagram account while we take over her channel. Charreah is a lifestyle and relationships editor at @ESSENCE and she’ll be discussing the importance of showing yourself some love—even after Valentine’s Day—by getting tested for #HIV.
Happy #ValentinesDay from the #ActAgainstAIDS campaign! [ Link ]
Latex condoms are a highly effective way to help prevent HIV and STDs. Learn more about them on the #ActAgainstAIDS website [ Link ]

HIV Prevention | HIV Basics | Act Against AIDS | CDC
Don't forget the #ActAgainstAIDS initiative takes on HIV from different angles. Learn about our different campaigns: [ Link ]
"I'm a mother and a grandmother, and I'm living with HIV." Hear Theresa tell her story: [Use campaign video] #StopHIVStigma
Don’t be in the dark about your #HIV status. Get tested today. More information at #DoingIt #FiftyShadesDarker
Listen to these stories from people living with #HIV and learn the facts. #HIVTreatmentWorks [ Link ]
It's Mardi Gras! Have fun and be safe. #DoingIt - getting tested for #HIV - is a great way to protect yourself
It's National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, have you gotten tested yet?
@CDC and @Act Against AIDS say everyone ages 13-64 should be #DoingIt! Find #HIV testing centers: [ Link ]
Angie knows it. Vernial knows it. Malina knows it. They all know that #HIVTreatmentWorks. Learn more about how to get in care, stay in care and live well for #NBHAAD. [ Link ]
No matter your HIV status, this #NBHAAD take a few minutes to #breathe, connect, & care for each other. #StopHIVTogether