Act Against AIDS
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Want to #StopHIVStigma in your community? Get started with our ready-to-print fact sheet. [ Link ]
Act Against AIDS
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Don’t just be the main character in your life. Be the director! Start #DoingIt – getting tested for #HIV – like Adam Shankman to stay healthy and happy!
Act Against AIDS
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Are you in a mixed-status relationship? #HIVTreatmentWorks & it can help prevent the transmission of #HIV to a negative partner.
Act Against AIDS
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Meet Jose: a friend, Latino, and community educator who has lived with HIV since 2001 #StopHIVStigma
Act Against AIDS
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#HIVTreatmentWorks is growing! We are excited to announce HIV Treatment Works will be coming to Columbia, SC and Jackson, MS this spring, with NEW materials and local activities. We’re kicking it all off by meeting with local #HIV leaders and hearing community voices and needs in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details!
Act Against AIDS
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Want to help #StopHIVStigma? It’s easier than you think! #StopHIVTogether info can help. [ Link ]
Act Against AIDS
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Use the extra hour of PM sun from Daylight Savings to start #DoingIt - getting tested for #HIV.
Act Against AIDS
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Meet Sharon! She's a proud member of the Penobscot Nation, an #HIV educator, and living proof that #HIVTreatmentWorks works. #NNHAAD
Act Against AIDS
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Act Against AIDS
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From 2005-2014, the number of new #HIV diagnoses grew 19% in Native Communities. We're #DoingIt - getting tested - for National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
Act Against AIDS
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Today is National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Learn more about how HIV affects Native communities and how to get involved: [ Link ] #ActAgainstAIDS #NNHAAD
Act Against AIDS
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In the #StopHIVTogether video stories, real people talk about how family and friends have given them support. Watch them here: [ Link ]

Stories About Living with HIV
Act Against AIDS
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Meet Mark: A best friend, a #blogger, and an advocate who has lived with #HIV since 1985. #StopHIVStigma
#StopHIVStigma by sharing the facts about HIV. Visit our site for more info [ Link ]
Whatever your St. Patty's Day shenanigans may be, plan on #DoingIt - getting tested for #HIV.
Happy #StPatricksDay! While you’re on the search for that pot ‘o gold, share these free #HIVTreatmentWorks materials in your community. [ Link ]
The first day of spring is quickly approaching! There's no better time to educate others about #HIV. #HIVTreatmentWorks [ Link ]
#ActAgainstAIDS looks at #HIV from different angles. Find the campaign that best fits your work [ Link ]

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It's OK to have questions about HIV. For answers, talk to your health care provider at your next visit. Every conversation about HIV helps #StopHIVStigma
You can spend a lifetime writing out the number pi. Getting tested for #HIV can take as little as 20 minutes. #DoingIt