Act Against AIDS
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Are you or your partner living with #HIV? Get the facts on how HIV is transmitted and ways to protect your health. #HIVTreatmentWorks [ Link ]
Act Against AIDS
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Urgent. Crucial. Vital. No matter how you say it, your work to #ActAgainstAIDS is critical. We have free materials to support your efforts: [ Link ] #ThesaurusDay
Act Against AIDS
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"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now"

Let's honor MLK's legacy by working together to #ActAgainstAIDS. Learn how here: [ Link ]
Act Against AIDS
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Knowing your #HIV status can protect you and your partner. Get tested this Martin Luther King Jr. Day. #DoingIt
Act Against AIDS
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#StopHIVTogether shares the stories of those dedicated to raising awareness and fighting #HIV stigma. Get Inspired.

Stories About Living with HIV
Act Against AIDS
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Facts are the building blocks you need to #StopHIVStigma. Learn more today. [ Link ]
Act Against AIDS
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Are you doing brunch with the girls this weekend? Be informed about HIV testing and be ready with the all the #DoingIt deets.
Are you living with #HIV? Share this video and use the comments section to let others know how you support your mental health or inspire others to get in care and stay on treatment. #HIVTreatmentWorks [ Link ]

CDC’s HIV Treatment Works: Chris’s Story

Chris talks about his fears of rejection when he was first diagnosed with HIV, and how his grandmother helps him live well with HIV. The Centers for Disease ...

Rejoice: Be bold, and be who you are! Sending our best wishes to all our fans for 2017! #StartTalkingHIV #GayPride
Plan on heading to the store to get some goodies for a warm weekend in? Did you know you can be #Doingit from home? Add an In-Home HIV Test to your list. [ Link ]

Get Tested | #DoingIt | Campaigns | Act Against AIDS | CDC
Sometimes we need a little help. Check out the #StopHIVTogether language guide to help cut stigmatizing speech and misinformation out of your conversations.
"The more you know about you, the more you can give yourself." -Anna Maria Horsford on #DoingIt
Being aware of your overall health beyond #HIV can help you manage your HIV and improve your well-being. #HIVTreatmentWorks
It's National Blood Donor Month! If you're planning to be a life saver and give blood this month (or in the future), plan on #DoingIt first. Get tested for #HIV:
Start 2017 off right by following #ActAgainstAIDS on Twitter for the latest #HIV prevention resources.

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We all have a story to tell. Read about people raising awareness & working to #StopHIVStigma
Did you know... #HIV testing is fast, confidential, and can be free? It might as well be a giveaway on #FreebieFriday. Tag a friend or loved one to encourage them to get tested! #DoingIt
Angie says "Hear this, #HIV: I’m going to take care of me so I can take care of those I love." #HIVTreatmentWorks
The answer is c) 1 in 8. About 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV. Of those people, 1 in 8 don’t know they are infected. Get tested today!

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