VIDEO: A fire scorched a house in Jacksonville's Eastside area. Officials are working to find out how the fire started. [ Link ]
GOOD NEWS: The teen reported missing Saturday after leaving in an Uber from Alachua County was found unharmed in Daytona Beach, officials said.

Missing Alachua County 16-year-old found in Daytona Beach
Get a chance to see the The U.S. Navy Blue Angels this weekend?

Here's some crisp photos of them flying in the Wings Over Golden Isles Air Show:

Photos: Blue Angels air show in Brunswick
The ranch located near Gainesville houses other exotic animals, including a pair of zebras, African spurthighed tortoises, red foot tortoises, an ostrich, emu and a camel.

Elephant ranch in Florida lets visitors bathe, feed, ride elephants
The woman told police she collided with the deer after spotting a Bigfoot on a highway near the Washington border:

Woman blames car crash on deer-chasing Bigfoot
Herpetologists came to work that morning to find a majority of the 52 animals housed in one of the reptile buildings dead:

33 snakes, including endangered species, found dead at zoo
The 24-year-old woman noticed she had put on about 56 pounds although she was dieting.

It turned out the weight gain was because of an ovarian cyst that expanded to 73 pounds over 11 months:

Woman has 70-pound ovarian cyst removed
Police said they searched the car — finding cockroaches and the children’s diapers soiled — and found a bag of white powder they identified as heroin and fentanyl:

Florida couple overdoses, passes out with toddlers in car
If you own a Nissan, you might want to pay attention to this ...

Nissan recalls more than 56,000 cars, cites power steering
They say live every day as if it's your last. This man did just that:

Man plans ‘celebration of life' party, dies the next day
We have seen a lot of Florida man stories, but this one takes the (pan)cake:

Florida man faces charges after buying pancakes, eating them in city crosswalk
What started off as a school assignment led an 8-year-old girl to land on Amazon’s Best Seller list:

Class assignment leads 8-year-old to become bestselling author
Police got several calls about a man walking around in a cape with a sword:

Sword-carrying man dressed as Joker arrested
PLEASE SHARE | Officials are searching for 16-year-old Christopher Carr from Gainesville.

Deputies say he stopped taking his medication and got an Uber to Daytona Beach Saturday after making concerning statements:

Missing Child Alert issued for Daytona 16-year-old
Teacher of boy told to stand during the pledge: "That’s bullying. He violated my son’s First Amendment rights.”

Chicago teacher fired for telling student to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
Some people think groups of spring breakers -- including one in Fernandina Beach -- took “fun” a little too far, using sea creatures to help them get drunk: [ Link ]

Video: @tfmspringbreak/Instagram