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Reaching those lower abs can be tricky, but these exercises get the job done.

7 Exercises to Tone Your Lower Abs
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You know you're a runner when...

You Know You're a Runner When...
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Are you struggling to love your body? (via Rodale's Organic Life)

How I Ditched My Fitness Apps And Finally Learned To Love My Body
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She's going to quit. Here's why.

Why I’m Going to Quit Running
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What kind of donut is best preride? What about for a donut derby?

6 Donuts You Need to Try on a Bike Ride
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It is true that we runners love to run. But it’s also true that sometimes we really hate it. So, what’s actually going through our heads during a run? A lot.

What You’re Really Thinking While You Run
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Hill climbing is part of cycling. Some people love it, some people hate it, but everyone needs to ride uphill at some point.

3 Cycling Workouts to Help You Conquer Hills
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This ab workout comes with a side of heart-pounding cardio.

20-Minute Tabata Core Workout
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These ingredients could lead to health problems.

7 Harmful Ingredients Lurking in Everyday Foods
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Let's start the new week off strong.

20 Motivational Fitness Quotes
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Professional athletes know to take their sleep seriously.

How to Sleep Like a Pro Athlete
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Hopefully you're not one of these!

11 Types of Annoying Cyclists