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These trend predictions are spot-on.

Top Fitness Trends to Look For in 2017
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When done right, circuit training will throw your metabolism into overdrive and burn tons of calories.

7 Circuit Workouts for Endurance Athletes
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Drafting off an unpredictable rider? Think again.

Survive These 7 Sketchy Group Ride Situations
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Do you have all the basics for the perfect pain cave?

How to Set Up the Perfect Pain Cave
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All you need is 20 minutes for this combo of cardio and core work.

20-Minute Tabata Core Workout
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Running a marathon may not be the best idea you've ever had...

Why You Probably Shouldn't Run a Marathon
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Try these eight exercises one to two times per week to power through the swim leg of your next triathlon.

8 Core Exercises To Improve Your Swim
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From the perfect playlist to a great pair of socks

23 Things Runners Absolutely Love
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There are 58 National Parks—nobody said choosing which one to visit would be easy. Until now.

Which National Park Should Your Family Visit?
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"There’s no way to avoid the anxiety and fear associated with taking on a new skill or experience."

What a Bike Taught This 62-Year-Old About New Beginnings
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Never feel guilty about that glass of wine again.

10 Health Benefits of Wine
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Who doesn't want these health perks? (via Rodale's Organic Life)

7 Surprising Benefits Of Eating More Ginger (Goodbye, Migraine!)
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Want clear skin? Watch out for these.

The 7 Worst Foods for Your Skin
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These veggies are especially good for weight loss.

10 Weight Loss Power Vegetables
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Hit every core muscle with these moves.

6 Core Exercises for Six-Pack Abs
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We're about to completely change the way your kid thinks about oatmeal.

5 Oatmeal Recipes Your Child Will Actually Love