I think this is the best way to go about it. When did you start teaching your kids about firearms?

How To Tell When Your Child is Ready To Learn About Guns

This is 100% truth. What you say on social media CAN and WILL be brought to bear if you ever have to defend yourself. Do you think about that before you post comments?

The Things You Say on Social Media …

Great way to measure it! So does yours stand up to this test?

How Stiff is Stiff Enough for a CCW Belt?

These pre-attack cues are very important to look out for. If you can see the attack coming from a ways away, you can de-escalate, escape, or evade more easily.

How to Identify Nonverbal Indicators of Violence

Lots of good videos in here with the physics and physiology of shooting and how to do it well! Learn something today. :)

Improve Your Shot With Firearm Science

What guns do you regret buying? I personally have more regrets over guns I sold than ones I bought, though the Kimber 1911 comes close.

Top 5 Guns I Regret Buying

Well, we can't always pick a winner. In this video, Alex talks about five firearms that delivered a healthy dose of buyers remorse later on down the line. Wh...

I fought the idea of a gun belt when I was new to concealed carry. My belt worked just fine! Then I finally broke down and bought a purpose-built belt. I will NEVER go back. What's your favorite?

Does A Gun Belt Really Improve Concealed Carry? - USA Carry

Col. Cooper taught these a LONG time ago. They're still the three critical fundamental skills that a firearms carrier must have!

Defensive Handgun Training: Three Critical Fundamentals

That is a VERY simple, easy, useful way to teach kids not to ignore their "creep alarm!" I think it's very useful.

You Can’t Always Be There, or Situational Awareness For Kids

An amazing new striker-fired CCW gun: CZ P-10C.
Great advice here. Do you work support-side techniques? Are you practiced? I try to get support-side work in every range trip and every class in the event that I need it.

Support-side? Do it now!

Live with Doug Marcaida!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! We are live with Julie Golob!!!
First cool product of SHOT Show: Walther Creed!
I think he has a good point. I recognize that my personal EDC is on the far end of the spectrum, which is why I like a "baby bear/mama bear/papa bear/grizzly bear" approach to what I keep with me. What's your REAL, honest-to-goodness EDC?

Monday Morning EDC - Every Day Carry for Real | RECOIL

Live from SHOT Show! Tell me what you want to see. Introducing the show and some friends.
The sample size is too small to make definitive conclusions, but I think that these are some interesting data, don't you?


Fascinating reading here. I love how he takes principles from how we interpret the First Amendment and incorporates those into how we interpret the Second. Good!!

The First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment

Some people come to SHOT show to do the Vegas thing. We got a house through AirBnB and are smoking meat every night for dinner. :)