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Nenu Local completes 50 Days !!
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On this day .. Two years ago .. I fought with myself :)
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Let's all help this boy, Amal, fight this rare bone marrow disease - [ Link ]

Please help my friend, Amal, fight this rare bone marrow disease
In the making :)
Two of the best entertainers coming to host your evening!
Make sure you don't miss it! ✨

#IIFAUtsavam2017 #IIFAUtsavam #Telugu #CelebrationsBegin
Ninnu Kori wrapped up its shoot in USA.

Coming On July 2017 #LetsWelcomeLife
Nenu Local enters it's 5th week :)
A very special award
A very special film
A very special team
Congrats Sam .. Thank you Gautham sir
Thank you state for this honour
Nani wins Nandi Award for Best Actor - #YVM #NandiAwards2012

Best Actor - Nani (YVM)
Best Actress - Samantha (YVM)
Best Film - Eega
Best Director - Rajamouli (Eega)
Best Villan - Kicha Sudeep (Eega)
Best Music Director - MM Keervani (Eega), Ilayaraja (YVM)
"Next enti ?" ante #MCA. Shoot starts soon.
More details will be announced shortly.
Wish you the best always & stay happy.
You are special for us everyday ❀

- Actor Nani Team
Vizag nunchi USA varaku ..
Chinnapillalu nunchi pedhavalla varaku ..
Lovers nunchi pellainavalla varaku ..

#NinnuKori #LetsWelcomeLife
The FIRST LOOK of my next film will be out at 4PM today! Stay tuned :)
#Nani19 #LetsWelcomeLife
My #19th
Title and First Look will be out on Feb 24th! You will love this one :)
#LetsWelcomeLife #July2017
Fan edit by Kranthi :)
Thank you sir for teaching us what cinema is and sorry for not getting it right most of the times.Happy Birthday sir..We are indebted to u
Nenu Local :)