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Wondering how to make friends and get involved at ACU? Look no further!!

Get involved at ACU!
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Check out the 360 degree views from the Daniel Mannix building rooftop on our ACU Melbourne Campus!
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Being a student means living on a budget - but this doesn't have to be a bad thing! Here are some ways to stretch those dollars!

Nine ways to save money as a uni student
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Want to make good use of your July vacation? Discover Sydney, Australia and fast-track your studies with the International ACU July School! [ Link ]
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Is education a career you're looking at? Hear from ACU's future teachers!

Why I study teaching: Education students
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What scholarships are available? Is my IELTS score high enough for the course I want to do?
You asked, we answered!

Your Frequently Asked Questions answered!
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"My favourite experience about studying at ACU so far are the opportunities to go to many hospitals and clinical facilities to complete my placement even though I am only in my second year here. The small class size promoting interaction between tutors and students also makes study process easier for us as students too!" – ACU student Annie Tran
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Are you coming to study in Australia this year? Here is a guide of things you should organise before you depart! ✈✈✈

Arrival, orientation and enrolment -Australian Catholic University
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Not all is as it seems when it comes to Australia... we find out what surprised our international students!

Vox pop – Things that surprised me about Australia
It's hard to believe it's halfway through January already! Here's a few things we have to look forward to in 2017...

Things to look forward to in 2017
ACU Nursing student Yanan Wei completed a clinical placement in the USA and witnessed open-heart surgery!

My fantastic clinical journey in the USA
There are many ways to make the most of your summer break before uni goes back!

Making the most of summer break
What will I need to bring with me to Australia? What weather should I be prepared for?

7 things you will need in Australia
If you're looking to study in an English speaking country such as Australia, the IELTS will be on your radar - but what is it and why is it important?

IELTS: What you need to know
We just had to share this! ❤
Making the move to Australia? Here's what you need to know about finding a place to live!

Living and renting in Australia
Received an offer to study with us at ACU? Here's how to accept! ✍✍

Accept your offer - Australian Catholic University
Master of Teaching (Secondary) student Davina Balaghee from Mauritius on choosing ACU: “I did a bit research on which university is better for teaching/ education and I chose ACU... I went to visit the Strathfield campus and it was just awesome, the campus itself and the welcoming staff. I just loved my very first day and decided that ACU is the one for all good reasons.”
ACU Alumni Tin Ma Ma Htet (Tess) has been working to improve standards of education in her home country of Myanmar. [ Link ]
Want to further your business career with an industry accredited degree? ACU's Master of Commerce/Master of Business Administration is what you need!

Course Profile: Master of Commerce/Master of Business Administration