** Attention International students in Sydney and surrounds! ** You are invited to the Lord Mayors Welcome to International Students on Tuesday, April 4. It is a FREE event and with great entertainment, a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the city and meet fellow international students!

Lord Mayor's Welcome to International Students

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How do I apply for an undergraduate degree? What do I need to include in my application?

Study undergraduate - Australian Catholic University

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“It was a great opportunity to study at ACU’s July School. The program was great, the teachers and staff are kind and helpful. The students are also very lovely! I would recommend my friends to join this program and I’d like to do it again next time if I can,” ACU July School student Joan Marcelina, Indonesia
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Studying in another country gives you the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world!

A picture is worth 1000 words – Notes from Abroad

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Today at ACU Campuses we celebrated Harmony Day and Random Acts of Kindness - it was great to see everyone in such great spirits! :) :)
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Happy Harmony Day! Free lunch is being served now at ACU North Sydney!
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“My advice to other students would be to look at the scholarships and bursaries available, and if you’re eligible, apply. You just never know,” ACU Scholarship recipient Eloise says.

Thousands of reasons to apply for an ACU scholarship

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Today, March 20, is the March equinox where night and day are approximately equal in length. It also marks Spring for the northern hemisphere and Autumn (fall) for the south

All you need to know: March equinox

Whether you're struggling with your study load, culture shock or a personal issue - there is always somewhere to go for help.

Keeping your mental health in check at university

Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck - anonymous. Happy St Patrick's Day!!
“Be more open minded and enjoy every moment when you are overseas. Try to make as many friends as you could as that is how you build your social network locally or internationally. Be prepared to learn how to prepare your favourite Malaysian cuisine as I have a lot of friends that are interested to try our authentic home cooked Malaysian food.” Melbourne ACU student Zhi Yang Chuah, Malaysia
The first ever Nepali Youth Leadership Forum held on the weekend was a success!! Great to see so many attendees! #Nepal #Australia #youth
Australian fun fact: The male lyrebird, which is native to Australia, can mimic the calls of over 20 other birds... and if that isn't impressive enough, he can also imitate the sound of a chainsaw, car alarm and camera! Photo: Wikipedia by Fir0002
You can further your career, change directions and more with postgraduate study - here's what you need to apply!

Study postgraduate - ACU (Australian Catholic University)

What is culturally acceptable in Australia? Do I have to tip?
Here's a guide to help you navigate those minor (and not so minor) social protocols!

10 cultural dos and don’ts in Australia

When you're living in another country, budgeting is important! Here are some ways to prepare and stretch your money while away from home

Budgeting tips for Exchange – Notes from Abroad

Want to fast track your degree, meet students from all over the world and see Sydney, Australia? Join ACU July School!

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