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So great to see #India, #Pakistan and #Colombia—three countries we invest in—among the world's Top 20 nations for social #entrepreneurs! Check out this new poll from Thomson Reuters Foundation and see how your country stacks up.

The best place to be a Social Entrepreneur 2016
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Today, we celebrate the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and draw from his courage, compassion and moral imagination in the coming year. #MLK
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In Punjab, #Pakistan, 4 out of 5 people do not have access to reliable electricity. Our investee Nizam Energy is creating low-cost #solar solutions to reach those people living off the grid, providing them with the power they need to build brighter, more secure futures.

Nizam Bijli - Switch Life On Nizam Bijli believes electricity is a fundamental right. We provide the under-served & the off-grid with affordable, Pay-As-You-Go solar e...

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“The status quo isn't going to cut it anymore, and so everywhere we go, we're looking for people who really believe in change and the kind of leadership that that requires.”

Tune in! In this podcast, our Director of Strategic Partnerships Yasmina Zaidman talks about Acumen's model of investing, what it takes to build a social enterprise and how we are working with corporations to change the...
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Fighting Global Poverty Through Impact Investing & Partnerships: A Conversation with Yasmina Zaidman of Acumen
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In Kenya, two thirds of girls and women cannot afford sanitary pads. ZanaAfrica, the social enterprise that #AcumenFellow Ghonchech Lee helps run, is bringing attention to the plight of these women and girls. The organization is fighting to put menstruation on the national curriculum to raise awareness and ensure girls have access to the products they need without shame or secrecy.

Having a period is unaffordable in Kenya, yet no one wants to talk about it
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“Profit is inherent to any private enterprise. Without it, you do not get scale. And only with scale can there be impact.”

Forbes India has put together a "Social Impact" issue, making the case why social enterprises need to be sustainable, scalable and profitable to achieve real impact. Check it out!

Forbes India Magazine - Doing good, doing well
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Need ideas for new year's resolutions? PlusAcumen has you covered! Learn how to captivate an audience from TED's Chris Anderson. Master the art of conversation with On Being's Krista Tippett. Unleash your creativity with the help of Eat Pray Love's Elizabeth Gilbert. Check out our full list of courses, sign up and become a force for good!

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What does it take for entrepreneurs and their startups to thrive? The Mara Foundation evaluates the entrepreneurial environment of 85 countries against a set of metrics including policy, finance and infrastructure to see how they measure up. How does your country hold up?

Ashish J. Thakkar Global Entrepreneurship Index
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In 2011, PlusAcumen alum Sabrina Premji walked in the door of an unmarked property in Mlolongo, an informal settlement just outside of Nairobi, to research child and maternal health. "I was immediately struck by the smell of urine and feces,” Sabrina said. “It was suffocating."What she found inside this local "baby care" were 15 to 20 infants on the concrete floor.

It was then when she...
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“There are a lot of people in India who do not complete their education. Most people get a job, but are underemployed. One event in their life and they are in deep poverty. Our focus is to see that they earn better, so we train them to be more productive." - Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO of our investee LabourNet.

LabourNet provides vocational end-to-end training for India's unskilled workforce,...
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Gayathri Vasudevan, LabourNet | Sustainable Livelihoods through Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship
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Acumen Fellow Sanjukta Das always had an active imagination. But while most kids have imaginary friends, Sanjukta used her creative mind to solve practical problems. Now an adult, she is harnessing her creativity and love for design to take on some of India's most pressing social problems. Learn more!

Development by Design: An Acumen Fellow Finds Her Path Creating Solutions for India's Poor
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"Commit to something bigger than yourself, and you'll find it will set you free. Focus on being interested in the world, rather than being interesting yourself."

Our Founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz talked with GOOD on what she believes is needed to move the needle forward and create a lasting difference in the world.

GOOD Advice From Good People: Jacqueline Novogratz Shares Her Advice On Making A Commitment
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The Financial Times has identified a number of new projects—from low-tech approaches to a model inspired by Avon Ladies—around the world shaking up the world of maternal and child health care and driving innovation forward. Learn more!

The innovators: devices and services to improve maternal and child health
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This week, our 2017 Global Fellow Deepa Jeeva takes over our Instagram to take us to India through her work with our investment Under The Mango Tree, a social enterprise impacting the lives of India's rural farmers through the practice of beekeeping. Follow along at @acumenorg to learn more about the company's unique model and life as an Acumen Fellow!
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"Moral imagination starts with putting yourself in another person’s shoes and seeing the world through their perspective. But it’s more than empathy. It’s the ability to envision a world and build institutions in which all people matter." Our Founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz talks with PBS NewsHour about poverty, dignity and the moral imagination.
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America's 1% now earns 81 times more than the bottom 50%, placing the United States in the same league as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Burundi.

This piece from Fast Company breaks down new research on America's income equality. Learn more:

Income Inequality Keeps Growing--And It's Worse Than We Thought
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We're thrilled to announce that our investee Nizam Energy has committed to provide 1 million off-grid rural customers across #Pakistan with affordable solar energy solutions, access to financial services and health insurance by 2020. Learn more:

Powering Sustainable Development
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It's hard to believe that mobile money was introduced to the world 10 years ago. Yet today the majority of the 2.5 billion people living in poverty have access to a cell phone and, in the next five years, virtually everyone will be able to be reached by cell phone or text message.

This new research from Science explores the impact mobile money is having on the poor and how technology will...
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The long-run poverty and gender impacts of mobile money
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