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We're seeing a big crowd from the stage at Lonsdale St Greek Festival in Melb. Get on down today & tmrw
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The Australian Greens want Parliament to act urgently to stop these devastating penalty rate cuts from smashing many of our lowest-paid and youngest workers. Join the fight -- [ Link ].

Penalty rate cut: unions have golden opportunity to flex their muscles
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The Grammys may have been 2 weeks ago, but these animals are already putting their game faces on for next year. Hold on to your seat, Adele.

10+ Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year
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What the 'penalty rates' case this week was really about.
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"What an utter destructive force, an utter waste of space this man has been on the Australian political landscape."

-- Laura Tingle on Tony Abbott

Even Tony Abbott's friends now say he is a liar and a clunkhead
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Work in retail, fast food or hospo? Check out how the cuts to penalty rates will affect you with ABC News's calculator here & join the campaign to stop the cuts at .

Calculator: How the penalty rates cut affects your pay
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Join the fight to stop the penalty rate cuts -- sign the petition at [ Link ]. #penaltyrates
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Join the fight to stop the cuts to penalty rates for people working in retail, fast food, hospo & pharmacies.

Sign the petition
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The devastating cuts to #penaltyrates today won’t make coffees any cheaper on Sundays, but will make it harder for young people to pay the rent. Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten must join The Australian Greens in fighting to stop these cuts & protect penalty rates in law. Sign the petition -- [ Link ].

Greens to try stop penalty rate cuts
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Yep -- young people are getting screwed and this government are happy to stand by and do nothing. Sign the petition to stop the devastating cuts to #penaltyrates -- [ Link ].
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Netanyahu has built a political career on sowing division and undermining the possibility of a just peace. Australia should be pushing for the recognition of a Palestinian state and an end to the occupation - not welcoming the man who has done so much to entrench it.

Trump and Netanyahu are allies in a losing battle | +972 Magazine
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BREAKING: Sunday & public holiday penalty rates have been cut for people working in retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacies. The Greens will move to stop today's cuts & protect penalty rates from any future cuts. Sign the petition to save penalty rates -- [ Link ].
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Scientists have found a new solar system filled with planets that look like Earth and could support life, Nasa has announced.

Nasa has found an entire solar system that could support alien life
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The rise of Pauline Hanson, Cory Bernardi and Trump has legitimised racist, hateful views. Join us in standing up to hate by pledging to say no to racism.

Say No to Racism
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Big news -- majority of Australians want to #CloseTheCamps. Labor & Liberal, you've got to shut down these island prisons now.

Most agree, keeping refugees on Manus and Nauru is cruel: pollster
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The Liberals want to take money out of clean energy and pour it into dirty coal. That's like using the health budget to invest in asbestos. Tell Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to ditch his attacks on renewables & love for dirty, dangerous coal.

Save the CEFC -- sign the petition
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Labor must stop blocking a trial of a supervised injecting centre in Richmond that would save lives. Join the call here: .

Premier Daniel Andrews rejects coroner's call for a safe injecting room
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Want a home? Simple! Get a highly paid job! ..Nah, let's actually fix Melbourne's housing crisis -- .

Housing affordability MP says 'highly paid job' is 'first step' to buying home
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Many people depend on their weekend penalty rates to make ends meet. The Australian Greens want to protect people's penalty rates in law.

Cutting Sunday penalty rates would threaten Coalition in marginal seats: poll
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More and more experts are recommending that a safe injecting facility will help save lives in Richmond. It's now time for local Labor MP Richard Wynne and the Victorian government to get on board. Join the campaign -- .