Hi there. This a wonderful little art school in my local hood in Melbourne. They do such great work for kids, and I have seen first hand how Beck manages to coax artistic talent out of a tiny spark of creativity. I have already chipped in for this campaign to buy a kiln, but I know they would love it if you could help them out too. Thanks for taking the time to watch and read. Adam


When I was co-hosting the SAFM breakfast show many years ago, we ran an on-air competition to find a new Club Song for the Adelaide Crows. We took submissions, produced a few up, and eventually found a winner which went on to be adopted by the team. I first heard it sung at Adelaide Oval by the late Jim Keays, and whenever I've heard it since, it has made me smile. Hearing it sung at the end...
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If you've ever wanted to help people in Nepal walk with prothetic legs, well here's your chance. This is a brilliant idea, by people who help with my prosthetic. Please help if you can.

[ Pozible.com Link ]

Prosthetics Without Borders

My crazy and talented tour manager is doing her first ever grown-up comedy show at The Adelaide Fringe next year. Go see it, but don't take your kids. This is not a show for kids. This is a show for adults. Got it? Good :)

Frehd the Clown: Stripped Bare | Adelaide Fringe - 17 February - 19 March 2017

Every now and then someone throws a brilliant idea your way. This is one of those ideas, and I am more than happy to give it a push. If you like it, please help them out.

[ Kck.st Link ]

SafariSeat: Open source wheelchair for developing countries.

Hi there. So the Rio 2016 Paralympics are over, and after a few days off, I'm back out on tour in the UK with my show "Clown Heart". I'll be covering as much of the country as I can, after doing half the country earlier in the year. The dates can be found at [ Adamhills.com.au Link ] Please don't be upset if I'm not coming to your town, as a) The Last Leg means I can't tour as much as I'd like...
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Adam Hills | Tour Dates

After all is said and done at the Rio Paralympics, after all the GB v Australia ribbing, after the laughs and the tears and the triumphs - it all comes down to this. Great words from a great man - Kurt Fearnley is a proper champion.
This article says everything that needs to be said in the world right now. Beautiful, eloquent, poignant.

We stared terror in the face, but we don't hate

My talented brother's film "Excess Baggage" is available to be viewed here free for the next three weeks. If you watch it, and vote for it, it might even win a competition.


I'm so proud to be part of Channel 4's Paralympic Coverage again this year. The new Superhumans trailer is truly astonishing. Watch it. Enjoy it. Share it.
Turns out Sheila Hancock was the person to make the best speech of the referendum campaign. Who knew?
Hey Dubai, I'm coming to you this Friday. Very excited.
[ Doneevents.com Link ]

Done Events

Hi all. Well, here is my regular plug for Jake Johannsen at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I'm chuffed with the response and reviews he's getting - "a quality hour from a consummate stand-up" (The Age) - and loved the show when I saw it myself during the week. With a big weekend ahead of us, then the final push, I can't recommend his show highly enough.

[ Comedyfestival.com.au...
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Another cracking Melbourne Comedy Festival review for Jake Johannsen. I'm so happy to be producing this show. He really is ace.

Greek Centre, 168 Lonsdale St
Until April 17

Though little-known in Australia (this is his first appearance at the festival), American Jake Johannsen has a couple of major claims to fame. Not only did he make more...
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Hi all. So, Jake Johannsen got a great 4 star review in Melbourne's Herald Sun today. I'm so happy that people are loving his act, cos I have loved it for years. If you get a chance, go see him. You won't be disappointed

Tickets are here - [ Comedyfestival.com.au Link ]

And here is the review -


"HE is 55 years old, he’s one of David Letterman’s...
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OK Melbourne people, tonight's the big night. It's Opening Night for Jake Johannsen at the Comedy Festival. He's one of my favourite comedians, which is why I brought him out to Australia and am producing his show. I'd love him to have a big first weekend, which is why all tix for this weekend are $19. You can get them here - [ Comedyfestival.com.au Link ]
Hope you like him. I really do.

With less than a week until the Melbourne International Comedy Festival starts, I'm plugging my mate Jake Johannsen's show again. He's one of my favourite comedians in the world, and he makes me laugh so much I have brought him to Australia and am producing his show. After 46 appearances on Letterman, he clearly knows what he's doing but just trust me - if you see him live, you will love him....
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So far Montreal has been a hoot- lovely shows each night; sharing a dressing room with Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr Piffles; lunch with Jimmy Carr; breakfast with Russell Howard, Celia Pacquola and Tiff Stevenson; and last night following Judd Apatow on stage. Tomorrow night it's the Nathan Lane Gala, and there are still tix available for my solo shows too.

Adam Hills