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Matt and I decided on some pretty big house changes this weekend. Exciting stuff coming up! --> [ Link ]

Exciting House News — A Change In (Floor) Plans
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It's finally done. The hard part is finished! Here's how it looks today, and a look back at the journey to get to this point. --> [ Link ]

Breakfast Room – All Trimmed Out & Painted (and Ready For Decorating!)
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I'm hoping to start refinishing my dining table this weekend. Here's what I have in mind. (Beautiful refinished dining table in picture below is from Bless'er House.) --> [ Link ]

Dining Table Goals
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FINALLY the trim is done!! I can start painting today! Woohoo! :) --> [ Link ]

Breakfast Room — All Trimmed Out
I've had several people mention that they're not seeing my posts. If you're not seeing regular posts from my page and would like to, just follow these easy steps pictured below.
I actually found a gray wall color that I like! And I'm getting so excited about the progress on the breakfast room. It's getting close to the point of actually being usable! :) --> [ Link ]

A Gray Paint Color That I Actually Like! (Plus, White Curtains Inspiration)
I picked a new kitchen cabinet color, and I'm making progress on the breakfast room. --> [ Link ]

Breakfast Room Progress, Cabinet Paint Color Decision & More…
It will be a miracle if I ever make a final decision on this.

Welcome To My Madness
I've had quite a few people ask me why I didn't use Waterlox on my floors this time, and if I would still recommend Waterlox. I've gathered my thoughts and shared all of the pros and cons of Waterlox and polyurethane for floors (from my own personal experience) in today's post --> [ Link ]

Waterlox vs. Polyurethane For Hardwood Floors
January progress, February goals. I'm pretty proud of my progress so far this year on my 2017 "to do" list. I'll finally get to some fun projects this month, including refinishing a dining table that's been in storage for the last two years. --> [ Link ]

January Progress Report & February Goals