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01/20/2017 at 15:03. Facebook
The two main obstacles to me really diving into my house projects "to do" list for this year will be dealt with in the next week, starting with the first one tomorrow. So excited! :) --> [ Link ]

The Dam Is About To Break Wide Open
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01/18/2017 at 15:46. Facebook
I'd love your input on two things: the process (and timing) of refinishing hardwood floors, and paint color.

Two Questions (A Request For Your Input)
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01/17/2017 at 15:04. Facebook
I tested four stain colors for my red oak floors, and narrowed it down to two colors. --> [ Link ]

Testing Stain Colors For My Red Oak Hardwood Floor
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01/13/2017 at 14:33. Facebook
Don't get rid of those flush (flat panel) doors if they're still in good shape! Just dress them up a bit with some decorative moulding. This is easier and less expensive than replacing doors, and you can create a unique look for your home. This was my final decorative project for my niece's room. --> [ Link ]

An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Update Flush (Flat Panel) Interior Doors With Moulding
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01/13/2017 at 01:33. Facebook
This is the last big project for my niece's room. Just a few more finishing touches, and my mom and I will finally be DONE! I can't wait to share the full before and after of her room with y'all. --> [ Link ]

DIY Framed Personalized Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board
This was the perfect project to get me back into the swing of things -- a painted frame for a full length mirror for my niece's bedroom. --> [ Link ]

DIY Hand Painted Framed Full-Length Mirror
I'm a couple of days late, but I'm finally ready to kick off this new year and get things done! --> [ Link ]

The 2017 Master List of Home Goals
My final post of 2016. It's hard to believe the year is almost over. --> [ Link ]

And That’s A Wrap! (A Look Back At 2016)