Aditi Chengappa
yesterday at 01:49. Facebook
On this lovely Sunday I just want to send lots and lots of love and prayers to all of you, thank you for interactions with me every single day, I feel blessed <3
Aditi Chengappa
02/23/2017 at 01:48. Facebook
You are not defined by only a single action you took, you are not defined by your mistakes, you are defined by every intention that you make every moment towards every living soul.. so you can always redeem yourself <3 :)
Aditi Chengappa
02/20/2017 at 02:54. Facebook
Don't hold back those tears, trying to prove that you're strong, your biggest strength lies in the fact that you're brave enough to face your emotions :)
Love & prayers to all of you <3
Why have we decided that no one is worth trusting? This attitude will only invite more cheating and betrayal, let us open our hearts and trust, yes we get burned sometimes but in the process atleast we attract a few who stand by us and are worth it <3
Love & prayers to you all :)
Ahh its Valentine's Day and some of you are single, some of you are in a relationship, but don't forget that ALL of you deserve to be loved equally, if it hasn't happened yet for you, it's just a matter of time..
Keep spreading love and it will find you back <3
love & prayers to all you wonderful souls :)
Nature demonstrates so beautifully the process of letting go and renewing, we must learn from her to let go of old pain and beliefs and start fresh, we deserve it :)
Love & prayers <3
Let love & compassion be what attracts people to you, let your warmth and kindness shine through <3
Love & prayers to all you wonderful souls :)
When you start looking at life with eyes of gratitude then so much changes, there is suddenly so much abundance :D
Love & prayers to you all <3
don't be so quick to judge, the most proud, irritable and rude people are often the ones with the biggest struggle inside, try to see through it and lend them some positivity and love <3
love & prayers to you all :)
You're here now, yes there's no guarantee about what happens next, but if we live in fear, there will be no progress and no way to know what we could have achieved! #daretodream
Love & prayers <3
To new beginnings and possibilities! Happy February everyone :)
Love & prayers to all you wonderful souls <3
Don't underestimate yourself, you have the power to achieve everything you dream of, just take small steps and you'll see :)
Love & prayers to you all <3
Whenever you take an action with pure intentions, the universe shall support you, may your actions always come from the right place in your heart <3
Love & prayers to you all :)
Happy republic day :)
Lots and lots of love & prayers to you all <3
Wherever the road takes me, I have faith in the higher force, you never let me down <3 #faith
Love & prayers to all you wonderful souls <3
Don't miss out on life's fleeting moments of simple joys while you worry about tomorrow...
Here & now เฅ
Love & prayers <3
It's my angel's birthday! Happy birthday to my beautiful mommy, my best friend <3
Sending everyone lots and lots of love and prayers for a wonderful weekend <3
It's time to remind yourself again about the vastness of the universe, the oceans of souls living with the same difficulties and joys, you are never alone..
Love & prayers to you all <3
Whatever you choose to think about the most is what you are energizing, so think about what you want rather than what you don't!
Lots of love & prayers to you all <3