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Aditi Chengappa
today at 01:29. Facebook
We could try to control everything that happens to us, but we soon find that everything really isn't in our hands, there are some things which only a higher force can take care of... find peace in that thought :)
Love & prayers to you all <3
Aditi Chengappa
12/01/2016 at 06:49. Facebook
You are not forgotten, nor is any higher force angry with you or looking to punish you for anything, you have only yourself to fear...
Love & prayers to you all <3
Aditi Chengappa
11/29/2016 at 01:47. Facebook
You and me are not so different, our essence is the same, we feel the same pain, and the same joy, together we can find peace and healing if we only took a step closer instead of building walls... I'm with you :)
Love & prayers to all of you <3
Aditi Chengappa
11/28/2016 at 04:16. Facebook
Healing begins from within, a single positive thought can spark healing in your body, mind and soul, try it, you'll be surprised, tell mind today, to heal whatever is in pain..
Love & prayers to you all <3
when you wish someone well, do you send them those wishes from your heart or are they just words?
don't underestimate the power of your loving wishes for someone, you can change someone's life with your love <3

Love & prayers to all of you... hope to interact more often with all of you who write in to me, i will try my best <3
Sometimes when people need you the most, they push you away, try to see beyond their words.. spread love <3
My love and prayers to all of you always :)
Life is just too short to hold on to anger, forgive and forget, you'll find so much peace inside :)
Lots of love and prayers to you all, have a wonderful week ahead <3
On this beautiful winter day, I want to remind all of you that you are loved, you are important to the universe and your presence counts <3
Lots of love and prayers to you all...
still from a shoot i did for Sindhuri Rallapalli in Hyderabad recently :) hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday :)
Who do you think about when you're in the worst pain? Who comforts you? Who brings you peace?
Love & prayers <3
It is true, when you believe in something from the purest part of your heart, all of the universe conspires to bring to it to you...
Love & prayers to all you wonderful souls <3
endless gratitude, for what I know is a blessed life, for countless reasons, thank you God, I know you never left my side <3 ॐ
Sending all of you lots of love and prayers <3
Love always wins <3
Sending all of you lots and lots of love and prayers, have a beautiful weekend :)
#Throwback two years ago today! I look back and I have no regrets, everything that needed to happen, happened for a reason, and I'm at peace knowing that nothing was an accident...
Love & prayers to you all <3
Happy birthday to my girl Anushka Shetty :* lotssss of love to you sweetuuu, wishing you buckets of happiness <3
Saying a prayer for clean air and sunny days
Please don't spend too much time outdoors till the pollution levels reduce, eat healthy and keep your immunity high <3
Lots of love always...
Had a beautiful time with family yesterday, wishing you all the most wonderful week ahead <3
Lots and lots of love & prayers...
Happy Diwali to all you beautiful souls, may the festival of lights clear away all your obstacles and bring you love and happiness always <3
So happy to see this! I LOVE my India! #UnityInDiversity <3 ( for my foreigner friends, this is special because Diwali is only a Hindu festival)
Autumn is here, as nature sheds her leaves for the new season, let us also let go of the old and start new
Wishing everyone beautiful beginnings :)
Love & prayers