Aditya Mendiratta
02/26/2017 at 14:05. Facebook
After a week of sickness bed rest finally back to shoots. Brilliant way to spend the sunday. Sneak peak of a shoot with Aasttha Ssidana.

Single light source throughout. Being simple never goes out of fashion.
A video i made sometime back for Villeroy & boch and Elle decor featuring Punit Jasuja , Punam Kalra & Alina Vadera-Talwar. What amazing talents.

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Villeroy and Boch - Signature Table Settings with Elle Decor
Model: Sonamm Sharma
Model: Maia Sethna - Official
Make-Up: Makeup Palette By Sunayna Dhamija
Location Courtesy: Lodi - The Garden Restuarant
Assistant: Vicky

Wardrobe Courtesy:
Brown Skirt + White top by Madison OnPeddar
White gown by Eclectique Box at Shopviolla
All Jewellery by Micare
Model: Sonamm Sharma
Model: Sonamm Sharma

1 100x100 soft box on model's right side (approx 110 degree to the camera). Height slightly higher than models's face
Model: Sonamm Sharma

1 100x100 soft box on the right side almost at 90 degree to the model. Height higher than model's face
1 x reflector on the left side from the back as a cut light
Workstation for today.
Model: Sonamm Sharma

Lighting: 1 reflector on the right side, direct at 60 degree to the model.
Pic Of The Day
Aditya Mendiratta ( New Delhi, India)
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When you love something, you have to stick around. It takes years of hardwork to be an overnight success.

Its 2017, quit what you are doing and do what you've always loved doing.
Today's portrait subject ;)
Behind the scenes with Maia Sethna
Shoot location for next 2 days.
Sneak peak from today's shoot with Sonam. Super gorgeous images. Cant wait to share the final ones.
Model: Nargis Nandal
Model: Nargis Nandal

Lighting: Single source. 1 100x100 Square softbox at almost zero degree to the model. Height slightly above model's face. This type of lighting is also called 'Butterfly Lighting'. Height can be adjusted based on the requirement.
I am very very excited to share my website’s new design with you. Loads of new work, you can now order prints on my website and a sneak peak into my shoots which will be updated constantly. Check it out here

Aditya Mendiratta Photography
Model: Nargis Nandal

Lighting: 1 100x100 Square softbox at almost zero degree to the model. Height above the model's face. Second lighting as indirect bounce on the right side at less than half the power of the main light.