We send our congratulations to President Trump and pledge to work across communities to rally all Americans around rebuilding a shared society. #Inauguration2017
The Voting Rights Act guaranteed the right for African Americans to vote, but its very essence is being threatened today. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ] #MLKWeek

Voting Rights Then and Now

We are deeply concerned about bomb threats at multiple Jewish community centers across the country. At this point, the threats do not appear credible. We are continuing to monitor, and ask that all Jewish community centers take time to review their security procedures. Resources can be found here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our CEO Jonathan Greenblatt discusses the case for a strong, forward-looking middle with Moment Magazine. Read the full article here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Educators: We have many resources to guide you in teaching about the Civil Rights Act during MLK Week. Discover them here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #MLKWeek

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Educators: View our new teaching resource that provides 7 ideas for teaching about the presidential inauguration that promote critical thinking: [ Bit.ly Link ]

7 Ideas for Teaching about the Presidential Inauguration

We have questions we want Betsy DeVos to answer during her confirmation hearing. Read all of them in our letter to Chairman Alexander and Ranking Member Murray: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“Legislators have the right to recognize the odious nature of hate crimes by treating them differently in the laws that govern all of us.” — Robert O. Trestan

Constitutional debate has been settled: Hate crime laws serve vital purpose - The Boston Globe

MLK Week is more than just commemorating Martin Luther King Jr., it's also about celebrating the Civil Rights Movement: [ Bit.ly Link ] #MLKWeek

Civil Rights Movement

Are you an educator looking for ideas to teach about the presidential inauguration? Take a look at our new teaching resource: [ Bit.ly Link ]
How are you going to be the light and the love this year?
For more than a century, ADL and NAACP have fought on behalf of justice and equality. We have worked together on anti-lynching laws, school desegregation, voting rights legislation, hate crime laws, and criminal justice reform. This #MLKDay, read our op-ed on how we are going to build a coalition of now together: [ Wapo.st Link ]
Do you have a solution to fighting online hate and anti-Semitism? Submit it to our Innovate Against Hate competition. Learn more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Yes there's cause for concern, but Martin O'Malley can find better ways to express his outrage than this.

Nazi comparisons are inappropriate.

If Muslim-Americans need to register, Jonathan Greenblatt will also register: See the moment at Never Is Now.
Our CEO Jonathan Greenblatt: “ADL strongly believes that the best antidote to anti-Semitism and hate speech is more speech, and transforming speech into action." That's why we're teaming up with the @NatanFund to award an innovative way to fight online hate and anti-Semitism. [ Bit.ly Link ]
As ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote last year, the French peace conference rests on fundamentally false narrative that peace between Israeli and the Palestinians can be achieved by putting pressure solely on Israel while requiring little to nothing from the Palestinians.

In reality, peace will only come through direct negotiations between the parties without any pre-conditions.

The French Initiative » ADL Blogs

We're teaming up with the @NatanFund to give the Innovate Against Hate prize. If you have a solution for combating online hate and anti-Semitism, submit your idea by February 20. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Innovate Against Hate