Adobe Illustrator
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There would be no Illustrator without PostScript, a page description language that gave users the ability to publish type in any size. The only catch? Before Illustrator, only programmers could take advantage of this technology. This challenge inspired John Warnock to conceive Illustrator starting in 1985.
Adobe Illustrator
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Follow this tutorial to learn how to design an infographic that combines photos and illustrations: [ Link ]
Adobe Illustrator
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Designer Veerle Pieters takes a look back at her relationship with Illustrator over the years:

Celebrating Adobe Illustrator at 30
Adobe Illustrator
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Do you remember any of these "analog" design tools? #Ai30th
Adobe Illustrator
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We've come a long way since Illustrator 1.1, but these features were revolutionary at the time. #Ai30th
Adobe Illustrator
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Evangelist Paul Trani reveals his top 10 tips in Illustrator.
Adobe Illustrator
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It's not finished yet, is it? We've got your solution to keeping up with hovering art directors.
Find outtakes from the shoot plus info about a webinar with the creative masterminds behind this video: [ Link ]
From realism to modernism, here's how illustration styles have evolved over the past 30 years: [ Link ] #Ai30th
“I first tried making a vector alphabet in Illustrator. This was mainly done by starting with a circle and using pathfinder subtract until I got the letter shape I wanted—a very crude process. But it was the ’90s and it seemed cool to make fonts like that.”
– CJ Dunn

Type Designers Reflect on 30 Years of Adobe Illustrator
It's hard to imagine what graphic design might be like without the Pen Tool. In 1987, the Pen Tool was the first to enable designers to create, edit and manipulate Bézier curves. Thanks to Illustrator and the Pen Tool, digital publishing quickly replaced manual, unforgiving design processes.
Ever wonder what graphic design was like before Illustrator? #Ai30th
In 1987, Illustrator changed the way people drew letterforms. Read the Adobe Type story: [ Link ] #Ai30th
Want to animate your vectors? Watch Made by Radio work with Illustrator and Adobe After Effects: [ Link ]
Whether you created it in 1987 or 2017, what's the earliest project you worked on in Illustrator?
We grew up so fast. Watch Adobe co-founder John Warnock demo Illustrator on VHS in 1987. (See the rest here: #Ai30th
From Illustrator 1.1 to Illustrator CC. Evangelist Paul Trani will show where we've been and how far we've come.
When Illustrator first shipped in 1987, the package included a VHS demonstration with John Warnock himself: [ Link ] #Ai30th
Every splash screen is a reminder that you can create anything you can imagine. #Ai30th