Adobe Photoshop
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Welcome to cinemagraph city! This tutorial shows you how-to:
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Adobe Photoshop
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Here comes the sun ☀ in István Csekk's GIF series: [ Link ]
Adobe Photoshop
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Corny or creepy? Weronika Gęsicka turns silly American photos into a spooky series: [ Link ]
Adobe Photoshop
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You seem broken up...cheer up with this shattered effect tutorial: [ Link ]
Some bizarre movement from Romain Laurent: [ Link ]
Imagination (and Photoshop) bring these toys to life in this action-packed photo series: [ Link ]
Ice ice baby…follow along with Julieanne Kost, Photoshop and Lightroom Evangelist as she dives into her Antarctica photoshoots and post-processing tips. On the blog here: [ Link ]
Happy Valentine's Day from Photoshop...and Witchoria. ❤ More of her "Illuminated" series here: [ Link ]
“The piece is about duality. The duality around us, in us, and between us.”

David and Danielle’s Collabograms masterpiece is complete and it is a wicked balance of darkness and light. Check out their full story here: [ Link ]
Don't be scared of what's in the's a fairytale photoshoot by Daniela Majic Photography : [ Link ]
This double exposure tutorial is double trouble: [ Link ]
Let them eat cake! See how 2 years and minimal budget resulted in this Marie Antoinette series: [ Link ]
Just like new. Tetyana Dyachenko used Photoshop to restore these old and damaged photos: [ Link ]
Fire and ice. Yin and yang. Metal sculptures and…embroidery. In our third installment of #Collabograms, metal worker Madero/Co. and embroidery artist Danielle Clough Embroidery set aside their artistic differences for one unexpected collaboration. Get inspired by their creative alliance and read the full story here: [ Link ]
It's so fluffy! This Friday, check out a funky fur effect tutorial: [ Link ]
German photographer Nois7 brings surreality to life with his photo manipulations: [ Link ]. For more, check out his Instagram here: [ Link ] and website here: [ Link ]
When a model and photographer meet for an Icelandic shoot, a fairytale dreamscape series can result: [ Link ]
Go back to the beginning with co-creators John and Thomas Knoll on building Photoshop, featured at the Computer History Museum's Make Software: Change the World! Exhibit. More info on the exhibit here: [ Link ]
Get enchanted by Suzanne Moxhay's apocalypse series: [ Link ]
Dream on with this fantasy sunset tutorial: [ Link ]