Under the light of the full moon, Mika Suutari Photography created "Lunar Effect:" [ Bit.ly Link ]
Remembering and respecting the first official National Park Service photographer, George Grant, with some of his best photos: [ Bit.ly Link ]
When Budapest was cloaked in fog, Rizsavi Tamás (and his camera) jumped into action: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ten years ago today, the first version of Lightroom officially launched, and boy it’s been a wild ride since then. Tap the video for a game of “Splash Screen Roulette” and a dose of nostalgia. Which Lightroom splash screen was your first?
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Wishing you luck throughout the Year of the Rooster: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lava, mountains, and starry skies...what more could you ask for from Check My Dream - Photography? [ Bit.ly Link ]
In this week's Lightroom Coffee Break, Ben Warde guides you through crop overlays:
"I consistently focus and combine both simplicity and minimalism to achieve a dreamy artistic approach to my photography." -claireonline

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Sometimes life isn’t fair. Like when Lightroom/ACR coding ninja Eric Chan also happens to be a rock star behind the lens. Here are his favorite photos from 2016 (and no shame in feeling as jealous as we are:) [ Adobe.ly Link ]