Since I was invited home to my dear friend L for a "fika" today, I went for the Preppy Princess look.
I continue the week with Miss Pouty Princess and one of my smaller crowns.
I really love my crowns! Do you like to wear crowns as well? Show me!
I started the week with a classic crying Beauty Queen make up :)
I just love Mondays so I had to make it special. I hope everyone is having a great Monday too <3
In my part of Sweden, the south, it's snow, then the next day no snow, and snow again...
How is your winter coming along?
It's hard being the Snow Queen...

Photo - Tallee Savage
Of course I'm talking about my heart ;)
Today I've been wearing the skirt from this video for the first time.
Have you seen the video yet? Please give me a thumbs up if you like it :)
See you tomorrow <3

Unboxing and Happy New 2017

Unboxing my goods from Queen of Darkness, for whom I'm an ambassador, as well as wishing you a great New 2017. What I'm we...

Are you prepared for Friday the 13th tomorrow?
I'm going Goth-Goth :)

Skirt - Queen of Darkness
Gloves - The Gothic Shop
Today I look like this :)
How do you look?
Sooo, who wanna pay my trip and have for a date that evening?

Do you like my outfit today?
I think it's quite fun :)
Do you like my make up today?
Almost normal.
Tomorrow, 28 years ago, was the most special day of my life. I will never feel anything like what I felt January 5, 1989. I was struck by love! My forever love. It was like a collision when we met! I didn't even know you could feel like this for a person. The fact that I find him totally sexy doesn't hurt either.. I'm always in love, and it's the kind of love that even though we are together...
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The hair I planted on my head today.
Big is beautiful. I'm sure they we're talking about the hair.
The make up I doodled on today.
Rule for 2017 is you are only allowed to cry blue glitter stars, and only because you are so beautiful <3
I put vocals on two of my songs today. So world; get ready for disaster and bad singing. Mo-ha-ha-haa!
I'm still loving this new year <3
I have been able to keep my resolutions so far: 100 sit ups/day, 20 back exercises, 2 minutes stretching of my back leg muscles...
I have been pretty as well :)
Bone necklace - Spooky box club
Rib cage necklace - Bijoux Mimischka
Brooch - My Lovely Boutique
My look as I entered 2017.
I have a feeling it will be as great as I think it's gonna be :)
I wish you the same <3