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Do you recognize your Adora today?
I've been photographed by my old friend Markus Åkesson who is an internationally known artist, for one of his oil paintings. We met at art school 24 years ago and he was incredibly talented from the start. I'm so proud of him and I feel so honoured to have been asked to sit for a portrait <3
Happy Valentine's Day
You are loved! Show the ones you love that you are happy to be part of their life today.
Have a day filled with romance and joy (like every day should be)
My old Valentine'd Day crafting video goes perfect on a day like today <3
Now - cut out that heart!

Adora BatBrat's Valentine's Day crafting

Me doing some cute heart crafting for the dinner table

Back posting my look from Friday for those interested in my make up and Goth outfits :)

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess II

I see the future. And it says Tuesday will be lovely :)
This is what I looked like this morning before my make up was done, and I still had my fringe pinned down after washing my hair.
A whole lot of extra pictures of my look from Thursday for those interested :)

Today's Goth look - Purple Princess

I won't lie, I feel very cute today :)
Like a little princess <3
Bindi - My Lovely Boutique
How I re-decorated the babybats restroom a few weeks ago. They really love it :)
Mommy Mission succeeded!

Zwart Chateau - Babybats restroom

Long legged Goth model out frolicking in the snow today
While my next video is in the making take a look at this one (if you missed it)

'GOTH Secret Life - Electronic Winter festival' on ViewPure

Back posting some more pictures of this look on the blog :)

Today's Goth look - Cute Doll

It's Monday tomorrow! My favorite day of the week :) Gotta sleep now so it happens fast!
I'm always on the look out for a lipstick that can handle heavy making out since I love wearing lipstick, and I tend to make out a lot with my husband every day so I can't wear lipstick when he's home if I want kisses.
"NO, I don't wanna look like a clown", "No, it's so sticky", No, I don't want your lipstick on me. It's not my colour" or whatever thing he thinks up to get out of kissing me....
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Back posted this right now for those interested in my make up :)

Today's Goth look - Chandelier make up

When YT makes it's own subtitles on my stuff. Laughing so hard!!!