I've been having a bit of a sore throat and my body's been totally without energy for two days, so after today's term meeting with Synthia's teacher I just collapsed in my couch. Therefore the casual look... Just off with the dress and on with my EBM hoodie
Make up nerding.
It's a lovely Friday. Went to the cinema with the BatBrat clan to see "Logan - The Wolverine". I cried...
Have a sweet evening <3
I crafted myself a key necklace yesterday. Been wanting to do this forever, but now it finally happened! I love how it turned out. Just the picture inside the heart left. Gotta be me of course! :)
Back posting from my trip to Stockholm January 20. Here are some shoots of the travel, the hotel and my kids :)

Today's Goth look - Cute Goth to Stockholm

I've been hogging the computer and doing crafts all day so I just put on a quick make up to at least look alive. No effort put in today.
Back posting more shoots of this look from Valentine's Day.

Goth look of today - Valentine's Day

Yesterday's outfit. Typical Adora wearing all lingerie as clothes. I like it.
Are you ready for a new Goth make up tutorial? This is a super fast and super easy way to make your make up a bit more fancy :)
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Now I'm off to bed. Nighty <3

Adora Goth make up tutorial - Lines and dots (easy)

A super quick Goth make up tutorial on how to make the look a bit more interesting by investing a few more minutes. Bolero - https://www.queen-of-darkness.co...

Party me at the weekend's birthday bash for a friend <3
Yesterday I went clubbing :)
It was great fun
Make up and outfit today as I travelled to Stockholm with my darling, and the kids :)
Skirt from Queen of Darkness
3 new spots open in my #Fridayboobs Club. Read about it here <3

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Do you recognize your Adora today?
I've been photographed by my old friend Markus Γ…kesson who is an internationally known artist, for one of his oil paintings. We met at art school 24 years ago and he was incredibly talented from the start. I'm so proud of him and I feel so honoured to have been asked to sit for a portrait <3