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Goth Night, pretties
4 more days as 43 before I turn 44.
I'm a little more curvier this year compared to last year.
It's going downhill! ;)
Harness, choker - @unholy_clothing
Rosary "I'll nail you" - @torturecouture
Bracelet - @devilnightuk
I have one cute and one sexy side. But both of them are smiling :)
Today's look at Schattenwelt festival
Yesterday's outfit and look at Schattenwelt festival in Vienna.
Had fun sewing all day, so I didn't put much time or effort into my make up today. Only had a teachers meeting so I felt OK just looking like this. But tomorrow I'll be my normal pretty self again! Can't wait!
Harness, choker - Unholy Clothing
I fell down the rabbit hole!
I have Christmas in my house <3
When I play vampire, this is what I get!
I think we all want these for Christmas! Am I right?

Elf Earbuds That Will Turn You Into An Elf

Who will I see here?
If you see me - give me a hug!

Schattenwelt Festival 2016

EVENT - facebook.com
I think today calls for a smile!
I finished a new song today. It won't be released until February though... but still. I did it!
The effect of black and white.
I'll always like white better, it's more strange. And I'm a strange girl.
Me and my besties <3
The only ones who knows ALL my secrets
My outfit of today as I went celebrating Father's Day with my sweet in-laws.
As the frozen bitch, the Queen of Cold, snapped her fingers
The world went dead
Dead was the land
Dead was the sounds
Only white, silent grounds
by the touch of her hand

It's now good night, beautifuls <3
The winners of a signed posters are:
Matthew Ryan Griffin
MiLi Sama
Winter Queen is here to make your nipples freeze! Sorry about that ;)
Picked up my winning 2000 SEK Gift card at Zoi Tattoo today. Now it's time to plan next self portrait. Already know which one :)
I hope to see some of you at Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna in two weeks. Me and my cute party friend Lilly Condic will be there wanting some hugs <3 She'll dj and play awesome music for you to dance to.

Schattenwelt Festival 2016

EVENT - facebook.com