"Down By the Lake"
Previously unpublished frame from "Rites of Spring" (2015).
With Lena Krebs.
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model:Kousei Mizuki
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Photo by Ankica Vuletin
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“Studio C #29 (detail)” By: RCH Photography
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#Khromatos #phoneography
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Image by: Lucia Blaskova Photography
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Dunkerque 2017
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Where the wall ends

photo by: Gavino Idili

Copyright © Gavino Idili (Italy), All rights reserved.
This artwork can't be used without written consent from its author.

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“Heart & Soul” By RCH Photography.
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Image: "The Approach" by Chris Kovacs.
~ Lake Simcoe Dreamscape ~
Tulips No. 2
Mamiya RZ67 / Sekor Z 250mm 1:4.5 W / Kodak Tri-X 400
© Xavi Heredia Photography
Cover image by Kai Nagayama. Adore Noir magazine "Issue 36".
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Image: "About Love" by Jiří Kois
Adore Noir magazine "Issue 36" is now available for download at
Image by Jack Ronnel.
Broken Path.
Wrecked Pier Study 1 - Beverly, MA, USA, 2015.
Saint Malo, Brittany, Hasselblad 503cx.