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Isn't this a beautiful reminder from ADRA Myanmar? And what a perfect way to welcome the Sabbath! We hope you find true rest wherever in the world you call home.
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MOZAMBIQUE: Our team from ADRA Mozambique are meeting with children this week as they launch a new school feeding program with Rise Against Hunger. A nutritious lunch does so much more than fill an empty tummy - it also keeps kids in school and gives them more energy and brainpower to study, learn, and be ready for a much brighter future.

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RWANDA: One of the most important things we can do to break the hold of poverty and give kids a bright future is to guarantee them an education. ADRA Rwanda has launched a new program to do just that - read their post below and say a prayer for the success of these awesome refugee kids!
PHILIPPINES: ADRA Philippines is working with 800 families who lost their livelihoods during Typhoon Haiyan (Super Typhoon Yolanda) to create new sources of income. Jocefer and his family received a cash grant to purchase a carabao, which will generate income from working in the rice fields and transporting materials. Their carabao is also expecting a calf, which will be an additional source...
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CHILE: Adventist News Network shared this piece that features the response of our staff and volunteers following wildfires in Chile. We are proud of their hard work and dedication.
ADRA New Zealand's message says it all. Read their post to learn how chocolate - yes, chocolate - is helping to fight poverty!

ADRA project produces prize-winning chocolate | Adventist Record
PHILIPPINES: ADRA Philippines is kicking off a new campaign. Check out Project YOUmanity!
ZIMBABWE: When our team in Zimbabwe couldn't get to a community by car, they went on foot. Nothing stands in the way of hard work! Follow ADRA Zimbabwe to see more of their mission and the beautiful country they serve.
MADAGASCAR: There is nothing we love more than seeing a life changed in the communities where we serve. We couldn't do it without our partner Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, and we couldn't do it without our supporters like YOU.
UKRAINE: ADRA Ukraine is another one our teams that face extreme conditions in a country that is too often plagued by crisis. Right now, they are reaching out to communities who face increasing need with hygiene items, safe drinking water, and even things as basic as candles. Give their page a follow right now and get a closer look at this team of hard-working humanitarians who are making a...
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Екстрена гуманітарна допомога Авдіївці — ADRA Ukraine
YEMEN: Our staff in Yemen face some of the most difficult and dangerous conditions, but never stop their wonderful work. Follow ADRA Yemen to get an inside look at this amazing part of the world, the ADRA team in action, and the communities they serve with love.
A new cover photo all the way from Madagascar and three new reasons why we fall in love with our work more and more every day!

Photo: Ashley Eisele/ADRA International
There's a way for you to make a difference in the lives of refugees right now. It's easy and it won't cost you much, but it can reach them in Lebanon, Uganda, Serbia, or wherever else they are struggling to build a life far from home.

Visit our gift catalog to learn more and ACT NOW: [ Link ]
REFUGEES: We've had a few requests for our official statement on refugees in light of recent events, and we are happy to share it again here. This is not a new statement - it was originally released in response to the refugee crisis in Europe and World Refugee Day 2016, and the language reflects those circumstances.

Our network of more than 130 offices serves refugees around the world...
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CHILE: Pictured are hundreds of hygiene kits, packed and ready to go for those who have been affected by massive fires in Chile. We are so grateful for our team there and the amazing volunteers, who are working 24/7 to reach as many people in need as possible.

ADRA Chile is updating their page frequently, so we encourage you to follow them for the very latest as the disaster response is in...
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CHILE: ADRA Chile is responding in full force to massive fires in their country. Please follow our country office for regular updates and more information on how to support them locally.

Urgent emergency donations can be made right now at
Today we are grateful for the more than 1 billion people who have escaped extreme poverty since 1990. If you ever feel discouraged about the state of the world, or doubt the difference that your prayers and donations make, remember that every day, an average of 250,000 people escape extreme poverty – that’s around 200 people every minute. Change is possible, and every day we give thanks for...
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We know we have a lot of future humanitarians in the ADRA family, and we're sure you have some great ideas! Our partners Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) are looking for those ideas - check out their contest below and enter. We'll be cheering you on!
UKRAINE: For children who have experienced the trauma of unrest and crisis, laughter works wonders. ADRA Ukraine supplied some healing giggles for a group of kids with a performance that included clowns and puppets. This is a small part of the hard work that the Ukraine team provides in their country every day.
ADRA Macedonia continues to bring warmth in the bitter cold as they distribute coats to kids in need this winter.