98FM listeners are phoned is this afternoon, demanding that this woman apologises for her comments on this mornings show. Did she go too far talking about infertility?? Listen here >>

"I Am Not Paying For You To Have A IVF Baby"

An hour and a half to go... Who will be watching??
CAUTION - Some of you may find this podcast upsetting. This morning on 98FM, we spoke to couples who are struggling to afford fertility treatment.. What happened next left us speechless and left listeners blood boiling. LISTEN BACK HERE >>

"I am not paying for you to have a IVF baby"

There's war on 98FM right now. We are talking to woman who says that IVF treatment should NOT be funded by the tax payer... "It's not my problem that couples are having problems having children"...

Are people really that heartless about couples struggling to conceive? Tune into 98FM now. You don't want to miss this
Coming up on 98FM this morning at 10 we will be asking if IVF in Ireland should be 100% subsidized by the tax payer?? Should IVF in Ireland be free??
Yesterday morning on 98FM, we spoke to a woman who witnessed something disgusting on O'Connell Street Bridge that she says must stop. Have a listen back to the podcast here >>

"I'm disgusted by what I witnessed on OConnell Street"

Today Jeremy blurted out some home truths and people were furious!! If you this you are a lazy parent apparently... His suggestion going forward angered people even more!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jeremy Blasted Lazy Parents With Some Home Truths Today

If you ever miss 98FM's Dublin Talks in the morning - there's always an opportunity to listen back to hundreds of podcasts here. Tag a mate who might like to listen and you could win a pair of Dublin Talks ear-buddies!!! LISTEN HERE>
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So here is a woman who reeeeally doesn't like Donald Trump or the waxwork of Donald Trump - not really sure what taking her top off has to do with the protest???
Today our Jeremy turned the airwaves blue when he accused parents of being lazy... He blasted out some serious home truths and people were furious!! One caller was so annoyed she told him she "pitied" his child... Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jeremy Blasted Lazy Parents With Some Home Truths Today

Today we spoke to a Dublin man who is extremely frightened to go back into his own home after finding something terrifying in it recently when he got home from visiting his brother in hospital!! "you're next" - chilling!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What This Dublin Man Found In His Home Is Terrifying!!!

Are you listening to the woman talking to us on 98FM right now??? How brazen can you get??? I'm on social welfare and working part-time doing nixers.. She says that she needs to "scam to survive"....

Tune into 98FM now
Dublin Talks is LIVE now on 98FM... We are talking about this:

Leo Varadkar has said that he is considering publishing the names of people who are prosecuted for social welfare fraud... Coming up on 98FM this morning at 10 we'll be asking if you would agree with fraudsters being named & shamed or is this going too far??
If you missed yesterday's Dublin Talks then you have to hear this!! Adrian and Jeremy clashed over graffiti in Dublin... We put it to the listeners to see what they think and the results left us very surprises... Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Adrian & Jeremy Clash Over Graffiti in Dublin!!

Today on Dublin Talks Steve caused war with his comments about people who are disabled and dating! Shockingly people agreed with him!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Callers Comments About Disabled People Caused War Today

Today things got very heated on Dublin Talks when a caller told us how he really feels about dating someone with a disability ... He also came up with a crazy plan for disabled people on Tinder!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Callers Comments About Disabled People Caused War Today!!

Are you listen to this man on 98FM right now.. He's being branded as a pig because of his attitude towards dating people with a physical disability. He just said on air "everyone agrees with me but is afraid to say so"....

Is he alone? Tune into 98FM now
"I really liked this girl I got talking to online but when she told me she is a wheelchair user I went off her - I feel the relationship wouldn't go anywhere because of the difficulties it would involve" - on Dublin Talks now!! Is this guy shallow or do you agree?? Tune in to 98FM now!!
This brave woman is Mags Murphy. She is talking to us LIVE on 98FM right now about the hell she is going through at the moment. Tune in now to find out exactly how Mags' face ended up like this..