This is getting out of hand! Last month I found valentines day cards for dogs. Now I've just found a mothers day card... from your cat! Do you honestly know anyone who would buy this?! Jeremy
Have you any sympathy for someone living in one of these tents? Believe it or not, this is Dublin in 2017. We spoke to one of the men living here on the show this morning. The council want them moved off this site.

His story will shock and anger you. There was war on air over this.

"I don't care that you're homeless and living in this tent... Get a Job"...

There was war on the show this morning after we spoke to one of the lads living in this tent in Milltown. Listen back here >>

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Right now on 98FM we are talking to the homeless lads who were living on this site in Milltown but have been forced to evict the area and move on. Were the council right?
BREAKING NEWS... Khalid Masood has been formally identifed by London police as the man responsible for the Westminister attack that was carried out yesterday. He was 52.. Born and Bred in the UK
Today we spoke to a Muslim woman who believes that we are all to blame for all the terror attacks which have happened in Europe... She said “you all asked for it and what goes around comes around”!! Her comments caused outrage on air! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>

Muslim Woman Says Terrorist Attacks Are Our Own Fault!!
Are you listening to this Muslim woman we are talking to on 98FM Right now? "You Europeans only have yourselves to blame for the attack in London... You need to stop interfering with Muslim lands"....

The phones are jammed with people angry with her.
"I have no doubt that we are next to be hit after the London attacks yesterday. Terrorists are already here waiting to strike and I am terrified. They are coming" - we are speaking to this woman on 98FM now!! Do you agree?
Coming up on 98FM today we are going to be talking to a woman who believes that terrorists are coming for Ireland and that they are already in Ireland waiting and planning to attack - she says she is terrified following the London attacks yesterday and that "we are next!! Do you agree with her and does it worry you??
It's just been confirmed that 4 people (one policeman) are dead following the terrorist attack in London. A number of casualties have also been reported.

This morning on 98FM we spoke to Dublin locals who are terrified after finding out that a vicious sex beast (David Radford) is living in their area... Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Vicious Sex Beast Living in Dublin Has Locals Terrified
"I love my wife but she never wants sex. We only do it 2 or 3 times a year, if I am lucky. She is not fulfilling my sexual needs and I am tempted to cheat on her" - on 98FM now!! Would this guy be justified in cheating on his wife or is there NEVER an excuse??
RIGHT NOW on 98FM we are talking to residents of Tallaght who are living in fear after it was revealed the serial sex offender DAVID RADFORD is back in their area... We are also talking to a woman on air right now who says that it's wrong to post his picture all over social media....

Tune into 98FM now to hear this explosive topic
We have been contacted by loads of 98FM listeners over the past 24 hours, who are terrified after learning that convicted sex beast David Radford (who sexually assaulted numerous underage girls) is allegedly living back in the Tallaght area... They want him out!! Are these locals right to be worried and where should he moved to as he has served his time in prison??

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Today on 98FM we spoke to a woman who is desperate to find a Dublin man she got talking to last weekend!! Do you know this guy?? Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>

“I Need To Find The Dublin Man I Met Last Week - HELP”!!!

Let's make this happen!!

Today on 98FM we spoke to a woman who is desperate to find a Dublin man she got talking to last weekend!! Do you know this guy?? Let's make this happen!!! Listen back here now >>>>>>>>>>>>>

“I Need To Find The Dublin Man I Met Last Week - HELP”
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Following the news today of the passing of Martin McGuiness, members of the public have been taking to social media to say how they feel about it... Some comments are vicious (see examples below) - can you understand such hatred towards a man who has just died and are people who make comments like these heartless and disrespectful??
**BREAKING NEWS** Sinn Fein's Martin Mc Guinness has passed away, aged 66. More to follow on 98FM