Sex can be great. Not having sex can lead to problems...
Adult Jokes 21+ 11/30/2016

Things That Can Happen To You When You Don't Have Sex
Just sayin'
These are facts about humans that most people never even knew existed and you will be shocked to find out what they are!
Adult Jokes 21+ 11/30/2016

Shocking Facts That You Need To Know
Bec Silverlock
Terry Brown
Well I’m sure we can all think of one reason, but what about the rest?
Adult Jokes 21+ 11/30/2016

10 Benefits of Having a Girlfriend
Dallas Shaw
Matthew Cayton
Gary Spiers
Josh Williamson
Anthony Willis
Thomas Matthews
Craig Bailey
Eric Loek
Joe Palazzolo
David Brooks
It’s hard to exactly say what guys are looking for in girls. Everyone has a different set of standards, and considering that no two people are alike, it can be difficult to narrow down how to attract others. But here are some basics as to what most men are looking for in women: | From awesomeimagepa...
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What Men Want: 7 Things Men Look For In Women
Joe Erebia
Kelly Eli
Raymond T. Ward
Lucie Taylor
Mick Holcombe
Wilf Spence
Daniel Atkins
Eddy Shackelford
Tim Dixon
James Lising
Women can have NAUGHTY thoughts too! | From eternallyfantasticpictures
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Dirty Little Secrets Women Hide From Men
Terry Burn Jnr
Randy Terrell
Liz Geyer
Thone Louankang
Tina Walker