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The monosyllabic illegal alien struggles to strike a healthy earth / space balance.
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3 jaw-loosening dust ups from the first season of Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack Season 5 starts midnight March 16th on Fox UK.
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Fairly extreme risk of developing an addiction to Scotty's #angelvoice

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories from 0030 TOMORROW midnight on FOX UK.
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#basichuman #memes
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4 situations where Spagett spooked for both his art and the Cinco corporate dime.
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Say what you like about the demonically possessed, they do keep an eye out for the environment
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Spagett! #Fanart

h/t: @kaiteface (via Instagram)
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Morty decides it's time for Rick to give a little back.

Rick and Morty Thursday midnight on FOX UK.
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He's sorry you didn't have any bad memories of him?

Awesome from @3dprintguy (via Instagram)
There comes a time when they've served their purpose.

Two episodes of Bedtime Stories tonight from 0030 on FOX UK.
In any time of trouble all you have to do is look up at the Little Dipster (or Big Dipster.)

Also catch Tim and Eric in Bedtime Stories from 0030 tomorrow night on Fox UK.
Introducing some Season 1 highlights from Sealab's stir-crazy helmsman Captain Murphy.
Mr Pickles takes Grandpa out for a night of astonishing abandon and regret.