When we accept that all relationships are here to make us conscious instead of happy, then relationships will offer us perfect alignment with Consciousness.

~ Eckhart Tolle
The highest state of love
is not a relationship at all.
It is, simply, a state
of your being.

~ Osho
The world as a whole has forgotten the real meaning of the word `love'. Love has been so abused and crucified by man that very few people know what true love is. Just as oil is present in every part of the olive, so love permeates every part of creation. But to define love is very difficult, for the same reason that words cannot fully describe the flavor of an orange. You have to taste the...
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Do not speak to foolish people about the Truth,
just share the Love and Happiness,
because the greatest gift is an empty mind.
But even if you do not speak
your Silence will reach the whole planet
as a silent rose radiates beauty.
Sit Quietly and send peace from your heart
to all beings of all the worlds.
Oceans may empty, but there is no end to Love and Peace,
so share it always in selfless...
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My path is the path of stopping, the path of enjoying the present moment. It is a path where every step brings me back to my true home. It is a path that leads nowhere. I am on my way home. I arrive at every step.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh
My child,
You may read or discuss scripture
As much as you like.
But until you forget everything,
You will never live in your heart.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (16.1, translation by Thomas Byrom)
We must annihilate the feelings of "I-ness" and "my-ness" from our minds. When you all belong to this whole universe, where is the place for "I" and "mine?" By this means only will the world be benefited. This is not the concern of one individual but that of the whole universe.

~ Haidakhan Babaji
Lift the veil
that obscures the heart,
and there you will find
what you are looking for.

~ Kabir
Questioner: I am full of desires and fears. Does it mean that I am not eligible for truth?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: Truth is not a reward for good behaviour, nor a prize for passing some tests. It cannot be brought about. It is the primary, the unborn, the ancient source of all that is. You are eligible because you are. You need not merit truth. It is your own. Just stop running away by running...
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He who has knowledge also has ignorance. He who has knowledge of one kind has also knowledge of various kinds. He who is aware of light also knows darkness. Brahman is beyond knowledge and ignorance, beyond vice and virtue, beyond dharma (righteous action) and adharma (unrighteous works), beyond purity and impurity.

~ Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
The head has two ears;
love has just one:
this hears certitude,
whilst those hear doubt.
Until you throw your sword away,
you'll never become a shield;
until you lay your crown aside,
you'll not be fit to lead.
The dead of soul is the destruction of life;
but death of life is the soul's salvation.
Never stand still on the path;
become non-existent; non-existent even
to the notion of becoming...
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Enlightenment depends to a large extent on believing that you are born for freedom in this lifetime, and that it is available now, in this moment. The mind, which creates the past and future, keeps you out of the moment where the Truth of your being can be discovered. In this moment, there is always freedom and there is always peace. This moment in which you experience stillness is every...
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We think that thoughts are there inside of us. We think that they are self-generated and spontaneous. What is actually there is what I call a thought-sphere. The thought-sphere is the totality of man's experiences, thoughts, and feelings passed on to us from generation to generation.

~ U. G. Krishnamurti
Kabir said "Once I experienced reality for fifteen seconds and the rest of my life was spent in devotion to that." He wasn't saying "I tried to get another experience" or "I worked to get another experience", "the rest of my life was spent in devotion to that." What a lucky life to have!

~ Gangaji
We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves...
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There is still a widespread denial of death in Western cultures. Even old people try not to speak or think about it, and dead bodies are hidden away. A culture that denies death inevitably becomes shallow and superficial, concerned only with the external form of things. When death is denied, life loses its depth. The possibility of knowing who we are beyond name and form, the dimension of the...
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There are two ways. One is looking into the source of `I' and merging into that source. The other is feeling `I am helpless by myself, God alone is all-powerful and except by throwing myself completely on him, there is no other means of safety for me'. By this method one gradually develops the conviction that God alone exists and that the ego does not count. Both methods lead to the same goal....
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Listen! Rama, I am now telling you the secret of accomplishment [of wisdom]. Of all the requisites for wisdom, Divine Grace is the most important. He who has entirely surrendered himself to the Goddess of his own Self is sure to gain wisdom readily. Rama! This is the best of all the methods.

~ Sri Dattatreya

...in 'Tripura Rahasya'; chapter XXI, verses 7-8
Joy and sorrow are mere delusion. Mere appearance of worldly joy is not true happiness. The worldly man is forcibly drawn to it, as he believes it to be true happiness. [..] This joy and this sorrow is due to opinion, which is mere illusion and is ruinous. Whenever any idea of joy or sorrow arises in your mind, resist it. Do not give room to it. It is pure delusion.

~ Sai Baba of Shirdi
The first thing to understand is that everything that has transpired in your life has been necessary. No matter how it looks, no matter what has happened, everything has been necessary.

The second thing to understand is, everything has been preordained. In other words, everything was supposed to happen the way it happened. There were no mistakes.

The third thing to understand is that the...
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