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From the over-the-top plot lines to the wacky diseases, medical TV shows only graze the surface of what it's actually like to work in a hospital.
#Nurses share there top #petpeeves when it comes to the medical #drama on TV.

Top 5 Nursing Pet Peeves when it comes to Medical TV Shows
Legend has it that #ErnestHemmingway won a bet that he could write a #story using only #6words. The story was this: "For sale, baby shoes. Never worn."
#Nurses share their 6-word stories, packed with inspiration and care.

Nurses' 6-Word Stories
Looking for a way to #unwind this weekend? Print out some of ADVANCE's #coloring pages to ease your mind and get #creative!

Coloring Therapy for Healthcare Professionals
A diagnostic overview and #management update of #bladder pain syndrome.

Interstitial Cystitis
Medline Industries, Inc.'s Martie Moore reminds #nurses this #HeartHealthMonth to take care of their own heart #health.

On Call: Leadership in Nursing | Nursing Holds the Heart of America, But…
#Blogger Mark Darby reflects on what is means to feel #starved and how our minds and #mentality affect what we perceive as #starvation.

Spirituality in Nursing | Mentality of Starvation
How can #nurses navigate the shifting sands of #American #healthcare and insurance coverage?

A calm in the storm: Nurses and the ACA
Starting to feel #cold, achy, congested, and maybe even #nauseous? Welcome to #cold and #flu season!

Cold Versus Flu guest #writer poses the question, "Should we stop burping #babies?"

Should we stop burping babies?
Benjamin Evans, the first male president of the New Jersey State Nurses Association, reflects on what it’s like to be a man in #nursing.

A Man’s Eye View: Nursing through the Years
With the ever-increasing #shortages of healthcare physicians and NPs filling in the gap, it would only make sense for #NPs to be able to practice to the full scope of their abilities. #FullPracticeAuthority, however, is not the standard in every state.

Nurse Practitioners' Quest for Full Practice Authority
#Opioid drugs have been causing overdose and substance abuse problems for decades. In an effort to curb the #epidemic, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association has developed an online education program for #nurses on effective treatment of opioid use disorder.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic
As a #nurse, what is your favorite way to #destress and #unwind?

As a nurse, what is your favorite way to de-stress and unwind?
Do you support the #practice of physician-assisted suicide?
#Nurses play a fundamental role in end-of-life #care, whether it be through hospice care, palliative care, nursing homes or elsewhere. ADVANCE wants to know what nurses think about #PAS.

Do you support the practice of physician-assisted suicide?
Some people can't wait to go to #college to "get away from their parents." Not Elena Gacita---she saved her #mother a seat on her first day of #nursing school at Lower Columbia College's School of Nursing.

Back to Nursing School---But with Mom
Have you ever had trouble #reading the print on #prescription labels? Have the tiny words ever led to a #mishap in #medication administration? One #nurse has developed a new tool to improve readability.

Lighted Magnification System Stops Medication Errors
Attention, #Nurses! We want to know: What makes your #nursing team the best of the best?

Enter ADVANCE's #contest today to see where your team lands. Share your team's #story for your chance to win! Deadline for entry is March 5.

2017 Best Nursing Team Contest
#Nurses in an #academic setting are often referred to as being in "an ivory tower," a place where people discuss theories about problems without having direct experience. Fortunately, the educators offer #nursing students real-world experiences during the course of their education via #SimulationLabs.

Simulation in Education
As a #nurse, what is your favorite way to de-stress and #unwind?

As a nurse, what is your favorite way to de-stress and unwind?