MCA calls for HELE coal technology to drive Australia’s energy future.

MCA echoes call for Australia to adopt clean-coal technology
Trump Administration reaffirms commitment to coal and clean coal technology.

Trump’s energy policy to focus on boosting fracking, reviving coal sector |
HELE plants lower CO2 emissions by as much as 50%, with up to 90% emissions reduction possible as CCS adoption increases

New coal technology could reduce emissions
Kenya to consider converting coal to oil to help cut imports.

Kenya considers producing oil from coal to cut imports
Petra Nova, world’s largest retrofit of a coal plant with CCS technology, is now operational in U.S.

COAL: Carbon capture takes 'huge step' with first U.S. plant
Peabody Energy emphasizes importance of HELE technology through Clean Coal Awards

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CCS Milestone: Abu Dhabi starts up world’s first fully commercial carbon-capture steel project

Abu Dhabi starts up world’s first commercial steel carbon capture project | The National
New investment fund to develop technologies, including CCS, to promote renewable energy.

Exclusive: Oil majors join forces in climate push with renewable energy fund
Carbon-capture system for EOR in Houston area expected online, on budget year-end.

World's Largest Carbon-Capture Plant to Open Soon
How does carbon capture and storage work?

How does carbon capture and storage work?
U.S. Department of Energy grants funds plan to create emission-free coal-fueled power plant.

Pollution-free coal-fired plant process in works
World Coal Chief: Australian coal exports will play a big role in affordable energy in Asia for many years [ Link ]

Aust coal 'makes sense': World Coal chief
“Memzyme” to increase speed and efficience of carbon capture. Sandia Labs tests membrane to filter carbon dioxide and could be scaled up for power plants.

Bubble-like "Memzyme" increases speed and efficiency of carbon capture
World Coal Association teams with Indonesia on ways to apply high efficiency low emissions tech to reduce carbon.

Indonesia can apply clean coal technology to reduce emissions
Sneakers made with CO2? New use for CO2 creates ‘Shoe Without a Footprint”

Sneaker Made With Carbon Emissions is a “Shoe Without a Footprint”
Peabody Energy National Mining Association poll shows a majority support coal as part of a diverse energy mix.

Poll: Majority of Voters Support Coal as Part of a Diverse Mix of Energy Resources