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Could YOU be the Earth's #1 ADVENTURE JUNKY??

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life's either a daring adventure or nothing at all... : @tashinka_
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The west fjörds of Iceland are the perfect place to spend a week of exploring nature and rugged coastlines. If you plan to do the trip yourself and drive, make sure you get a vehicle that handles some rough roads, especially in winter months.
We have a bunch of great tours available from the west fjords for any number of days and we deal directly with some of the local tour guides.
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55m Highline established in Australia at Kanangra Falls - in front of a huge 150m waterfall!

Kanangra Falls Highline

55m Highline established in Australia at Kanangra Falls - in front of a huge 150m waterfall!

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'If you're looking for an extraordinary climbing spot, Karlukovo Cave in Bulgaria should definitely be high ranked on the list'
Credit: Heiko Wilhelm, Карлуково Karlukovo, Bulgaria
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Climber Alex Honnold talks about being an environmentalist, the perils of being an opinionated athlete, and the power of the outdoor industry's lobby.

Alex Honnold on Public Lands and the Power of an Outdoor Industry Willing to Speak Out
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The Earth can't digest plastic. Plastic things are bought and used and that's it - the Earth is burdened further. This issue has reached critical point. And we have to act. All of us. Because we ...

8 bits of plastic you can quit right now
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The Wells brothers, Todd and Brendan, are established whitewater paddlers and adventure filmmakers. Their production company Mountain Mind Collective released their full film, For The Love back in April. This segment, entitled Liquid Lumination, challenges the assumption that paddling is only a dayt...

Kayaking a Seventy-Foot Waterfall at Night
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WE BELIEVE... Adventure enables us to grow and develop as individuals, to better understand the world and people around us. It can heal the greatest lows and inspire us to the greatest heights.
With your help, we’re assembling the earth’s best Authentic, Respectful, Sustainable Adventures, because it’s critical we preserve the people and places we love to visit.
Help us with our mission JUMP...
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Speakers, Presenters and Performers List...

This assembly of scientists, economists, health experts, fitness trainers, activists, hackers, gardeners, artists, and inspirational speakers will be meeting in Tasmania to upskill agents of social change

Programme | Newkind Festival | 17-20 March
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National Geographic ‘will continue to report—factually and fairly—on how climate change is altering the Earth.’

On Climate Change (and Everything Else), We're on the Side of Facts
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Aidan Maccormick spends much of his time visiting distant places far from home. All the while, his home turf was unexplored and calling to him.

Scotland Has Far More to Offer than What Meets the Eye
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Waterline incrível em Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis. Fita ancorada diretamente entre o barco e o pier. Joao Lucas Hooper
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We love our WILD Norwegian friends...
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On top of Australia!
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WHAKATANE MARINE VOLCANO (Adventure added by Emily Chisholm)

Just 50 km offshore from Whakatane, no visit to the Bay of Plenty is complete without a trip to this incredible place. Known to Maori as Whakaari, White Island is arguably the world's most accessible active marine volcano. It attracts volcanologists and sightseers from around the world, offering a breathtaking view of the awesome...
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Take a walk on the WILD side...
Make sure you enjoy the twilight light into the sunset tonight!
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In this short film, a group of highliners set out to rig and walk across two lines in Hawaii: one at South Point and the other near a waterfall on the Hamakua coast.

These Hawaiian Slackline Routes Are Incredible
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Make a splash today...
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