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Adventure Junky
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(Adventure by Nadim Kestilä)

Breathtaking, cold, empty and open to Arctic swells, Norway's wave battered coastline is a rare surfing frontier. Facing north-west a south-easterly is predominately offshore. Strong winds and short period swells dominate but the varied geography can accommodate multiple options. The lack of daylight in winter, when the best swell arrives is an...
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Adventure Junky
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Adventure Junky - Sarah Bolton
hiker | climber | mountain lover
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(Adventure by Kurt Henry)

Although typically done as a full day hike, I decided to make it a solo overnight trip to do some astrophotography during the night. Carrying all my gear I set up camp along the track before sun down to be up early the next morning to reach the summit. It was something magical being at the highest point of Australia all by yourself. : @kurthen
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yesterday at 03:42. Facebook
(Adventure by Josh Caple)

A quaint Mediterranean paradise, the island of Kalymnos is home to dozens of dreamy limestone crags and hundreds of classic routes. Standouts are the Grand Grotto right above town, and Sikati cave if you want to punish yourself on some test piece 80m roof pitches. Escape across the channel to Tolendos island for a cruisy outing with the 11- pitch grade...
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Adventure Junky
yesterday at 03:14. Facebook
Never dwell on what you cannot do. Focus instead of what you can. Opportunities abound when you’re looking for them.
#livebravely #makeyourmark #MargieWarrell
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"Love. There is nothing greater. Everything else is secondary". I'm so inspired by Born Wild and can't wait to see the film they have been working so hard on over the last 12 months about adventurous families! What lucky little muchkins these are, growing up with adventure in their blood!! ???? @rambleonwild #shewentwild
Adventure Junky
12/06/2016 at 23:08. Facebook

Goes to 'Darien National Park, Panama’ added by Peter Vansumere. "My best adventure ever! My friend Tom tried to cross the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia. We made it to 5 km from the border and got ourselves arrested by the Panamanian military who escorted us back. We discovered true indigenous villages far away from 'civilization' where there were some people...
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Adventure Junky
12/06/2016 at 22:47. Facebook

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Adventure Junky
12/06/2016 at 22:02. Facebook
It's been nuking in the Tetons....looking forward to days like this soon....
????@jxnfigs @jacksonhole
Adventure Junky
12/06/2016 at 22:01. Facebook
The Mirror Wall in Greenland's polar region stands taller than El Capitan. This 40-minute documentary follows a team of alpinists on the formation's first ascent.

The First Ascent of Greenland's Mirror Wall

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12/06/2016 at 21:58. Facebook
Adventure Junky
12/06/2016 at 20:48. Facebook
some eye treats to kick start your day...
National Geographic's best photos of 2016
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12/06/2016 at 10:03. Facebook
Happy Birthday to our chief designer @serhatferat... Here's to another year of wild adventure as we rotate around the sun ☀
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12/06/2016 at 02:24. Facebook
Sending our thoughts and wishing you a swift recovery Conrad Anker ...
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12/05/2016 at 10:58. Facebook
Half a century ago, she journeyed into the Tanzanian jungle to change how the world saw chimpanzees. Today the world’s most famous conservationist is on a mission to save their lives.

Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart

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12/05/2016 at 07:17. Facebook
It's raining on the Rock! What an almighty sight to see, right @pure_dynamix_photography! Rainfall over Uluru has given travellers a rare and spectacular sight today that not many people have the opportunity to witness. Thanks for sharing this with us, Trys.
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12/05/2016 at 06:51. Facebook
Stepan sending his new line at the Moai on the Tasman Peninsula earlier this year

This is one of the shots which made it to the 2017 Calendar ([ Kamilsustiak.com Link ] ... the commercial ends here ;-)) and one of the most satisfying shoots I have ever been a part of.

We almost bailed that morning as we were woken up by rain and the sky was clearly closing down. But as it was our last day at...
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Adventure Junky
12/05/2016 at 04:01. Facebook
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