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Mount Kenya was an incredible journey up the highest mountain in Kenya or second tallest in Africa after Kilimanjaro.

Mt. Kenya Hike
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Don't forget it's #EarthHour tonight - where ever you are what ever time zone, at 8.30pm step away from your devises and hit the lights!

... Forget the hour maybe try staying switched off all night (;

#ChangeClimateChange #WWF #lookatthestars #lightsout #possitiveimpact #powertothepeople #unite #makeadifference #switchoff #dogood #recharge
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Sunset Rock... : @tibornuriev
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F R E E D O M . . . : @the_adventureco
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White Canyon #fromwhereidrone ⌘ ???? by: @bensimonrehn
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Adventure Junky App a Game-Changer for the Travel Industry...

#itbberlin #travelenjoyrespect #ATWS2017
ps. Thanks for the write up Adventure Travel Trade Association

Adventure Junky App a Game-Changer for the Travel Industry
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The country has just added 11m acres of land to the national parks

Chile’s new ‘route of parks’ aims to save the wild beauty of Patagonia
Adventure Junky are dressed and ready to hit the @theadventurists Annual Conference tonight... what famous explorer are you going as?!

Sometimes the greatest outdoors companion comes with four legs, a furry tail, and a whole lot of wet kisses.

The 9 Most Famous Adventure Dogs
Nothing beats a sunrise... apart from sharing it with your best friend! : @jessclarkcreative
The power of nature.... : @tibornuriev
It's good to be here BERLIN... See you at @itbberlin!

ps. Who can ADD some good German Adventures onto the AJ App we want to go off exploring after the show and need some ideas?! #travelenjoyrespect #attatribe #adventure #itbBerlin
Big thanks to @retro_outdoors for snapping this shot of me and bringing us to this undisclosed cave on the terminus of Europe's largest glacier. ~

I have to admit, jumping on the ice directly after the jungle in Congo with an gaping open wound on my index finger was a rude awakening. But nothing a little bit of Kodak courage and contagious stoke couldn't overcome. @thenorthface #yellowpantsman
We are excited to be attending ITB Berlin this week...

Meet Mario,

He's on a voyage covering the length of Africa - from Cape Town to Ciaro - entirely by foot and paddle boat!

The Crossing Africa expedition is meant to document and share with the world everyday lives of Africans in an entirely unique way all while experiencing rich cultures, environments and wildlife.​

See some of his amazing adventures on the Adventure Junky app, be sure to...
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Have you ever picked up a hitch hiker?!
With more than 48,000 entries to pick from, Smithsonian magazine has no shortage of images from which to pick a winner for its 2016 competition. These are among the finalists from the travel, sustainable travel and people categories

Stunning imagery from the Smithsonian’s 14th annual photo competition